Software guards IBM System p hardware platform running AIX.

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SecureOffice Trusted Gateway guard allows users to transfer data from lower level or unclassified network to higher classified network running on trusted version of IBM's AIX5.3 OS. This is made possible via Argus' PitBull Foundation for AIX, which converts AIX to trusted multi-level secure (MLS) operating system and offers users ability to protect AIX systems from within kernel. Solution also provides alternative platform for cross domain guard solutions.

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Trusted Computer Solutions and Argus Systems Group Announce New Trusted Solution for the AIX Operating System

First commercially available guard for IBM's System p hardware platform

HERNDON, Va. and SAVOY, Ill., Jan. 30 -- Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS) and Argus Systems Group today announced a guard solution running on a trusted version of IBM's AIX5.3 operating system. Argus developed and made available the new PitBull Foundation for AIX which converts AIX to a trusted multi-level secure (MLS) operating system. TCS then ported their popular industry leading SecureOffice Trusted Gateway guard, which allows users to transfer data from a lower level network to a higher classified network, to run on this trusted version of AIX. The release of these two solutions marks the first commercial availability of a guard solution running on an IBM System p hardware architecture and yet another alternative platform for cross domain guard solutions.

PitBull Foundation is built on proven security technology and offers users the ability to protect AIX systems from within the kernel. "Going to the heart of the system, PitBull provides security that perimeter solutions don't. The combination of PitBull Foundation and PitBull Foundation Suite, a set of utilities to simplify installation and enhance operational efficiency, provides AIX5.3 users with a powerful security product that can protect their valuable assets," stated Andrew Jones, chief executive officer, Argus. "This brings the AIX operating system up to the level of trust mandated by the U.S. Government for the highest levels of security. Users in other industries, such as financial services and healthcare can now take advantage of this new and unprecedented level of security for AIX systems."

TCS's Trusted Gateway guard offers many security features that ensure a safe and reliable way to transfer data from a lower classified or unclassified network to a higher-classified network and requires a trusted operating system. "This is one more example of how TCS is offering choice to the government market," stated Ed Hammersla, chief operating officer, TCS. "Our guard solutions now run on trusted versions of Unix and Linux allowing customers to use the hardware platform that best suits their environment."

About Argus Systems Group

Argus Systems Group is a vendor of operating system and host security software for Unix (AIX and Solaris) and Linux operating systems. Argus supplies the only Common Criteria certified trusted product (LSPP/EAL4+) available to support multiple platforms, from desktop to enterprise server, in a networked configuration. Argus products include PitBull Foundation, PitBull Foundation Suite, and PitBull LX. These products provide a complete multilevel security (MLS) solution and create a secure platform suitable for real-time Internet applications in high-risk environments. For more information about Argus Systems Group, visit

About Trusted Computer Solutions

Founded in 1994, Trusted Computer Solutions (TCS) is an industry leader in cross-domain solutions. The company's SecureOffice(R) Suite of software products enable government and industry to securely share information, striking the right balance between information protection and information sharing, a vital component to national security. All SecureOffice products adhere to the most stringent security standards set by U. S. Government Agencies such as the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. SecureOffice products, which run on trusted versions of Linux and UNIX, are installed and accredited in operational systems around the world today protecting our nation's most sensitive digital information. TCS is headquartered in Herndon, Va., with offices in Urbana, IL and San Antonio, TX. For more information, visit

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