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AIdirector v2.0 client-server application provides remote site intelligence capabilities to field technicians and regional operations centers. Capable of capturing alarms and events from IP or non-IP remote devices, Event Director module enables users to pinpoint problems and make instant diagnoses, while Power Director module offers management and automated reporting for power-related equipment, allowing users to monitor failures and out-of-spec conditions.

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Applied Innovation Releases New Critical Remote Site Management Capabilities

AIdirector 2.0, Event Director, and Power Director Place Enhanced Applications in the Hands of Field Technicians

DUBLIN, Ohio, Oct. 9 -- Applied Innovation Inc. (NASDAQ:AINN), a leading provider of remote site management solutions, today announced several new software products for improving the management and security of critical remote site infrastructure.

The new products from Applied Innovation (AI) create a platform for building a complete remote site management strategy spanning network components, power systems, and other equipment. Today's announcement covers the following new software products:

o AIdirector version 2.0 - a client-server application providing remote
site intelligence and management capabilities to field technicians and
regional operations centers. The base product provides secure
connectivity and pass-through control to devices attached to AI's
widely-deployed AIremote product. Version 2.0 enhances the product's
inventory and reporting capabilities.
o Event Director - an add-on application module to AIdirector that
captures alarms and events from any IP or non-IP remote device. A single
display provides at-a-glance status with 6 alarm severities so
technicians can pinpoint problems and make an instantaneous diagnosis
based on inter-relationships between network, power and environmental
equipment status.
o Power Director - an add-on application module to AIdirector that
provides management and automated reporting for power-related equipment,
including batteries, generators, transfer switches and more. Field
technicians can monitor for failures and out-of-spec conditions such as
interruption of commercial power, fail over process, battery charge,
temperature and generator fuel levels and run time. Remote management
features allow them to start or stop generators and automatic transfer
switches for fast problem recovery without a site visit.

AI is also introducing a new site-based licensing structure, which makes it easy and cost-effective for companies to take advantage of AIdirector and its value-added application modules, regardless of the number of remote locations or their implementation timeline. The site-based plan ensures a low entry cost with additional licenses when they are needed.

"The goal to provide field technicians with more powerful tools and information continues to be at the heart of AI's focus. Numerous industries are demanding ways to decrease operational costs through enhanced remote site management. This places more intelligence into the hands of field personnel and ultimately reduces MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)," said Eric Langille, senior vice president of operations. "The new licensing structure is based on feedback from a wide range of existing and potential customers; smaller customers require a low-cost alternative to expensive and complex management tools and larger customers are looking for a way to provide powerful capabilities to their support staff and regional operations centers. The combination of modular applications and site-based licensing enables our customers to implement AI solutions that fit their specific business drivers."

AIdirector 2.0, Event Director, and Power Director are all available for immediate delivery. For more information on AI's remote site management solutions, contact the company at

About Applied Innovation

Applied Innovation provides hardware and software applications that drive operational efficiency and improve quality in wireless, wireline and converging networks. Applied Innovation's industry-leading solutions include sophisticated remote site management, 3G network data quality monitoring and logical security of critical networks. Applied Innovation is a certified TL 9000 registered company.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio, Applied is traded on Nasdaq under the symbol AINN. For more information, please visit the Company's Web site at

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