Software facilitates programming of safety functions.

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PSS WIN-PRO programs PSS-range safety systems and SafetyBUS p. It enables users to program varied safety-related requirements, including E-STOP and 2-hand monitoring. Selectable languages include Instruction List, Ladder Diagram, and Function Block Diagram. Context-sensitive help system and definable toolbars aid in ease of programming, while clearly structured user interface provides definite color distinction between failsafe and standard sections.

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Pilz New PSS WIN-PRO System Software Allows Efficient Programming of Safety Functions

(CANTON, MI) - With PSS WIN-PRO, Pilz now offers a powerful system software for programming PSS-range programmable safety systems and the safe, open bus system SafetyBUS p. Users can now program the most varied safety-related requirements simply and economically, including E-STOP and two-hand monitoring. The programming languages are selectable: Instruction List (IL) is available from Version 1.0; Ladder Diagram (LD) and Function Block Diagram (FBD) are available from Version 2.0.

PSS WIN-PRO gives users fast, efficient programming, as the familiar look and feel of Windows enables intuitive operation. A comprehensive, context-sensitive help system and definable toolbars also help to make programming easier. The user interface is clearly structured, with a definite colour distinction between the failsafe and standard section.

The hardware can also be configured quickly and easily, via the SafetyBUS p Configurator for example, which uses a drag and drop function. For industry-specific safety monitoring functions, such as those found in the burner management and control-engineering sector, PSS WIN-PRO supports the incorporation of standardized software blocks. These have already been tested and certified by BG or TÃœV to the relevant standards and directives for their respective industries. For the user this means not just safety, but economy too.

The PSS WIN-PRO system software is available in German and English and runs on all standard PC platforms such as Windows 2000 or Windows NT. For more information, contact Pilz at 734-354-0272 or visit

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