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Software facilitates product development process.

Press Release Summary:

ENOVIA Portal v5.12 consists of scalable, web-based, Windows(TM) and UNIX® products that aid collaborative innovation during product life cycle. Users can access ENOVIA data as well as data from other enterprise information systems, including CAD, product data management, and legacy systems. ENOVIA 3d com Instant Collaboration delivers instant collaboration and 3D instant collaborative review to share information between different communities in secure environment.

Original Press Release:

ENOVIA Portal Solutions V5.12

At a glance
ENOVIA Portal V5.12 delivers new and enhanced functions:

A new product, ENOVIA 3d com Instant Collaboration, that delivers generic instant collaboration and 3D instant collaborative review to easily and quickly share information between different communities in a secure environment

Greater ability to deploy and flexibility for building a personalized version of ENOVIA Portal 3d com based on corporate standards and specific user needs

Experience acquired during DMU review sessions better organized and managed for knowledge capitalization and further reuse

Two new alternate representations that significantly strengthen and simplify Digital Mockup (DMU) reviews for complex assemblies through the optimization of clash and distance analysis, and precision focus on specific areas

Enriched scope of Web Viewer module

Improved reuse of V4 information in DMU review sessions

ENOVIA Portal Solutions is a comprehensive set of scalable Web-based, Windows(TM) and UNIX® products that enhance collaborative innovation during the product life cycle.

With ENOVIA Portal Solutions, you can:

Propagate and share 2D and 3D product data and critical product development information throughout the extended enterprise

Access ENOVIA data as well as data from other enterprise information systems, including CAD, product data management (PDM), legacy systems, and other Web-based data

The ENOVIA Portal Solutions includes the use of:
ENOVIA 3d com Products
ENOVIA Digital Mock-Up (DMU) Products
ENOVIA PPR Hub MultiCAx Products
ENOVIA PPR Hub MultiPDM Products
ENOVIA 3d com provides instant collaboration to easily and quickly share information between different communities.

ENOVIA DMU products deliver advanced visualization, analysis, and simulation for CATIA and non-CATIA data. They range from entry-level product viewing and collaborative services (such as design conferencing, markup, analysis, and annotations) to high-end virtual reality-based digital product synthesis, including human ergonomic studies, assembly and disassembly simulations, and mechanism simulations.

V5.12 significantly improves performance and introduces enhancements to all product areas.

Note: Information about ENOVIA Portal Web-based Learning Solutions (WLS) for ENOVIA V5 are included in announcements about ENOVIA Portal Solutions V5.

Key prerequisites
Workstation platforms:
Intel(TM)-based Windows workstations
HP-UX 9000 series
Sun Solaris SPARC system family
Silicon Graphics (SGI)

Planned availability dates
September 19, 2003, ENOVIA Portal V5.12 Solutions
October 31, 2003, ENOVIA Portal V5.12 WLS

ENOVIA Portal is a line of solutions that enhances the product development process. It adds the third dimension to computer visualization, making product development information immediately comprehensible. ENOVIA Portal is ideal for the development community and also participants in the wider enterprise, including sales, procurement, management at all levels, partners, and suppliers.

These scalable, collaborative, Web- and Windows-based solutions unify access to information sources throughout the extended digital enterprise.

When ENOVIA Portal Solutions is used in conjunction with optional Product Process Resource (PPR) Hub multiPDM and multiCAx plug-ins, it provides access to and visualization of data stored in multiple underlying systems. Examples are legacy, files, CAx, Web, and other data across the extended enterprise. It makes information available to all participants for enhanced decision support and collaboration.

ENOVIA Portal Solutions encompasses the use, manipulation, and analysis of graphical data for enterprise decision support, including:

Multisource engineering design
Service data

ENOVIA Portal promotes multifunctional support and product/process optimization. Visualization, analysis, and simulation tools address the requirements of the beginner (intuitive visualization and navigation through a 3D product) to full immersive analysis and simulation for the experienced user. As a content service, it includes an effects library, a compilation of scientific and engineering knowledge.

ENOVIA Portal also has a Web-access component. Highly valuable solutions on top of the base include a set of 3D Web visualization and data management solutions plus an advanced Windows-compatible component for 2D and 3D DMU manipulation.

New for V5.12
ENOVIA 3d com provides instant collaboration to easily and quickly share information between different communities.

With this release, ENOVIA Portal DMU Solutions significantly enhances performance and brings many improvements in all product areas.

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