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By allowing users to review, cleanse, and augment automatically extracted metadata, Inxight SmartDiscovery Metadata Management System(TM) (MMS) turns unstructured text into actionable information. Enterprise-class data integration platform is designed specifically for collection, exploration, and cleansing of data derived from unstructured sources. It provides data quality assurance to ensure data is unambiguous, correct, and complete for use in downstream operations.

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Inxight Launches SmartDiscovery Metadata Management System (MMS)

MMS is First Enterprise-Class Cleansing Platform Designed Specifically for Quality Assurance of Extracted Data from Unstructured Sources

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 29 -- Inxight(R) Software, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery, today announced the launch of the Inxight SmartDiscovery Metadata Management System(TM) (MMS), which allows users to review, cleanse and augment automatically extracted metadata -- the entities, relations and event data trapped in electronic text.

The Inxight SmartDiscovery Metadata Management System is the first enterprise-class data integration platform designed specifically for the collection, exploration and cleansing of data derived from unstructured sources. It provides data quality assurance -- the ability to profile data to discover inconsistencies and other anomalies and perform data cleansing activities (detecting, correcting or removing inaccurate records) -- to improve data quality. By preprocessing data in this way, users can guarantee that it is unambiguous, correct and complete for use in downstream operations.

The end result is information derived from everyday sources -- news articles, emails, websites, and other internal and external documents -- that is accurate, timely and trustworthy.

"By enabling the automated transformation of text into actionable information, Inxight SmartDiscovery empowers compliance officers and legal teams to review documents for compliance more quickly, enables government analysts to combat terrorism more effectively, and makes editorial operations more efficient," said Ian Hersey, Inxight founder and senior vice president for corporate development and strategy. "This ensures the high quality, consistency and transparency of metadata that users demand -- in short, saving time, money and even lives."

SmartDiscovery Metadata Management System complements the rest of the SmartDiscovery platform, turning unstructured text into actionable information and bridging the gap between search and business intelligence. Other SmartDiscovery components include SmartDiscovery Awareness Server(TM) federated search and alerts, SmartDiscovery Extraction Server(TM) text processing, and SmartDiscovery VizServer(TM) visualization products, providing a comprehensive, powerful platform for acquiring, extracting, storing, validating and exploring relationships, trends, timelines and more.

3 Modules
The Inxight Metadata Management System includes three modules:
-- The Metadata Connector, which directs extracted output from Inxight's SmartDiscovery text extraction.
-- The Metadata Repository, which leverages and extends the power of a standard Oracle database to hold Inxight-extracted information.
-- The thin-client Metadata Editor, which allows users to modify and augment the results of Inxight's SmartDiscovery text extraction.


By combining the power of Inxight's automated text extraction with the precision of human review, MMS simplifies and accelerates text analytics projects, providing a resource for third-party system integrations and a powerful link to Inxight-powered downstream operations that rely on accurate information, such as StarTree(R) link analysis, TableLens(R) trend analysis, and TimeWall(TM) timeline analysis.

The Metadata Management System is easy to deploy and manage, with an intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly be up and running, and an audit trail that ensures traceability of changes made in the system and provides feedback for extraction rule developers.

Designed to meet the most stringent government and commercial standards, MMS makes it easier for enterprises and government organizations to meet compliance requirements for accurate and auditable information, providing an integrated view of metadata for improved data quality.

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For more information about the Inxight SmartDiscovery Metadata Management System, please visit or contact your Inxight or Inxight Federal Systems sales representative at

About Inxight

Inxight Software, Inc. is the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for information discovery. Using Inxight solutions, organizations can access and analyze unstructured, semi-structured and structured text to extract key information to enable business intelligence. Inxight is the only company that provides a complete, scalable solution enabling information discovery in more than 30 languages. Customers include enterprise companies such as Air Products, AOL, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Novartis and Thomson, multiple U.S. and foreign government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Homeland Security and Commonwealth Secretariat, and software OEMs such as SAP, SAS, Oracle and IBM. The company has offices throughout the United States and Europe. For more information, visit or call 1-408-738-6200 or +44 (0) 1252 761314.

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