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Leveraging Internet as hub for participation, Thunder(TM) Virtual Flipchart(TM) System allows creation of wall of projected images that flow freely between remote collaborative groups. Group easel enables input and sharing of any media image. Participants control functionality and jot notes and drawings onto page with stylus or finger. With touch of icon, participants from other sessions, classrooms, or countries can join session, see posted information, exchange data, and share ideas.

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PolyVision Introduces Thunder(TM) Virtual Flipchart(TM) System, The New Generation of Collaboration

Thunder is simple and intuitive to use, allowing teams to work the way they want

PHOENIX, Feb. 6 / -- PolyVision Corporation, a Steelcase Company (NYSE:SCS) and the world leader in visual communication products, has launched Thunder Virtual Flipchart System, an industry changing visual communication tool. With the launch of Thunder, PolyVision has created a new market and methodology for collaboration.

Organizations can now experience an entirely new dimension of collaboration for groups and teams in which any data and information, in any format, can be communicated, stored, displayed, and organized -- all captured on an unlimited, shared group canvas in real-time.

"Imagine the ability to collaborate anywhere, any time; develop ideas; communicate concepts and information; and never have to take another note or wish everyone was together in one place," said Mike Dunn, CEO of PolyVision. "Thunder solves a problem that has plagued the industry for years: how do people share and expose information easily, without barriers and without complexity? We have broken the code and we are excited to finally share Thunder with the thousands of companies around the globe that need it."

Thunder Virtual Flipchart System is easy to use, allowing people to work the way they want, rather than altering their work style to learn a new technology or application.

- The group easel allows input and sharing of any media image -- analog or digital. As easy to use as a flipchart, participants control functionality and jot notes and drawings onto a "page" with a stylus or finger.
- Multiple pages are "posted" -- projected -- onto the wall in high resolution, allowing all the information to remain visible to all participants.
- With the touch of an icon, participants from other sessions, classrooms, or even other countries can join a session, see all of the posted information, exchange data, and share ideas -- regardless of physical location.
- Thunder Virtual Flipchart System runs on PolyVision's Freedom GCX(TM), the new generation of group computing.

Thunder helps solve traditional problems of enterprise collaboration by connecting teams and providing an ability to share data across the globe. Leveraging the Internet as the hub for participation, the system allows for the creation of a wall of projected images that flow freely between remote collaborative groups -- using multiple Thunder systems or remote PC access, allows complete creative flexibility, the ability to store and recall sessions, and to integrate all forms of media and content, including video.

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