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Software facilitates and accelerates ink formulation.

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Aug 29, 2008 - Suited for ink manufacturers and printers, InkFormulation software (IFS) v5.1 supports Next-Gen CxF (Color Exchange Format) for color communication and provides consistent formulation for offset, flexographic, and gravure inks. Ink formulation engine lets users measure color and obtains optimal ink recipe (materials/cost) without trial-and-error process. Other features include PANTONE® Goe(TM) System, PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, and HKS digital libraries.

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X-Rite Announces Enhancements to its InkFormulation Software

Press release date: May 29, 2008

Now supports next generation of CxF file format for color communication; features PANTONE Goe System, PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM and HKS libraries

DRUPA 2008 DUSSELDORF (Hall 5, Stand DO2) - May 29, 2008 - X-Rite, Incorporated (NASDAQ: XRIT), the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, today announced a series of enhancements to its InkFormulation software (IFS). Developed for ink manufacturers and printers who formulate their own ink, X-Rite's IFS provides fast, accurate and consistent formulation for offset, flexographic and gravure inks. The new version of IFS supports the next generation of CxF (Color Exchange Format), the file format for color communication. It also features the PANTONE® Goe(TM) System, the PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® and HKS digital libraries.

X-Rite's InkFormulation software provides a powerful, high-end ink formulation engine that makes it possible for users to measure a color and quickly obtain the ink recipe without having to go through a cumbersome and expensive trial-and-error process. This drastically reduces waste and shortens the downtime required for on-press corrections. With X-Rite's InkFormulation software, printers that until now did not have in-house ink formulation capabilities will be able to save both time and money by streamlining the ink mixing and matching process.

"When printers need special colors, any delay in getting the right ink on press can cost them precious time, as well as cause customer satisfaction issues and missed deadlines. Our InkFormulation software lets ink suppliers and printers efficiently share color data and speed the formulation process using an intuitive user interface, networked databases and Internet communication," explains Tobias Rausch, X-Rite's product manager for prepress and pressroom solutions.

Thanks to a sophisticated math engine that provides better prediction of ink interactivity with substrates, IFS is able to rapidly calculate the optimal and most cost-effective recipe based on the printing process, ink, illumination, pigment pricing, and number of components and materials to be used.

The newest version of IFS now also supports the next generation of CxF, a file format designed to accurately and unambiguously communicate all commercially significant aspects of color across devices, applications, industries and geographies. At each step of the process, colors are defined and stored as CxF files so that they can be seamlessly and faithfully exchanged between instruments and applications throughout the printing workflow, allowing for effortless digital color communication from design to production to print.

IFS's advanced matching algorithms improve results, especially in highly opaque applications or when formulating for use on different substrates such as metallic foils and transparent films. Final color correction is quick and easy, and can even be done on-press. IFS provides recommendations on how to reduce the amount of leftover inks and allows for any leftovers to be reworked into new formulations, reducing inventory and waste, lowering disposal costs and providing a rapid return on users' InkFormulation investment.

With the PANTONE Goe System, PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM and HKS libraries now available as an integral part of InkFormulation software, users can access, specify or match any of the libraries' colors at the click of a button without having to match them manually.

With batch processing, customizable printing functionalities and write-protectable recipe folders, IFS allows for higher automation while lowering the cost for recipe database maintenance. This ultimately reduces press downtime and speeds up the make-ready process while helping to further reduce ink inventory and waste.

IFS 5.1 also supports databases based on mySQL 5. A new IFS enterprise resource planning (ERP) connection module will be available later this year to enable ERP systems to access some of the IFS database attributes.

IFS version 5.1 will be available as a free download to existing InkFormulation 5.0.x Software customers. New licenses will be available from X-Rite and its extensive global network of authorized resellers. For further information please visit

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