Software evaluates laser hazards.

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Laser Hazard Evaluator Software v2.5 provides means to double-check laser safety calculations. Along with max permissible exposure and optical density, interactive software performs repeated calculations of ocular hazard distance, hazard zone, and laser hazard classification. Screen display graphically illustrates use of eye protection; shows difference between corneal, retinal, and skin exposure; and shows color of laser and different beam diameters.

Original Press Release:

Advanced Laser Hazard Evaluator Software Now Available

Orlando, FL - Revised and expanded from its original version, the Laser Institute of America (LIA) is pleased to offer the Laser Hazard Evaluator Software version 2.5, which is equipped with more features for today's advanced laser safety officer (LSO). Based on the ANSI Z136.1 (2000) American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers , this easy-to-navigate interactive software is a must for every laser safety officer as it provides a reliable way to double-check laser safety calculations.

This product will perform repeated calculations of maximum permissible exposure (MPE), optical density (OD), nominal ocular hazard distance (NOHD), nominal hazard zone (NHZ), and laser hazard classification. In addition, the larger screen display (800 x 600) graphically illustrates the use of eye protection, shows difference between corneal, retinal and skin exposure, shows the color of the laser and different beam diameters, and reveals damage when MPE is exceeded.

Parameters, including OD, can be adjusted individually and values of main parameters are posted on the screen. This useful tool will also give you a printed report that uses different evaluation distances for optically aided, unaided viewing, and skin. Also, the downloadable reports include user comments and user-defined laser type, both CW and pulsed values for repetitively pulsed lasers, displays diffuse reflection hazard distances (NHZ) for eye and skin, and hazard classification.

The Laser Hazard Evaluator Software version 2.5 runs on Windows 95, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP. Cost of the software (pub #311) is $495 for nonmembers or $450 for members. For ordering information call 1.800.34.LASER/407.380.1553 or visit

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