Software enforces policies to meet compliance requirements.

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RSA® Access Manager v6.0 protects web-based resources and enforces centralized user access policies for HIPAA and European Data Protection Directive compliance. Features include hierarchical delegated administration, operational instrumentation and health monitoring, and SmartRules(TM) extended results. Software supports 64-bit servers and features enhanced graphical user interface.

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RSA Security Launches RSA® Access Manager 6.0 to Address Worldwide Compliance and IT Security Initiatives

Increased Scalability Supports Requirements of Customer-Facing Web Portals; New Features Help Companies Transition from Homegrown Technology

BEDFORD, Mass., June 13 / -- RSA Security (NASDAQ: RSAS) today announced RSA(R) Access Manager 6.0 software (formerly RSA ClearTrust(R) software) to help protect Web-based resources and enforce centralized user access policies as companies grapple with compliance requirements (e.g., Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and European Data Protection Directive) and strive to improve their overall security posture. A best-of-breed solution, RSA Access Manager provides robust auditing and access control capabilities, while delivering Web single sign-on (SSO) for a superior end-user experience. RSA Access Manager 6.0 software will be demonstrated on Thursday, June 15 in the company's hospitality suite (Yosemite A) at the Burton Catalyst Conference in San Francisco.

New features in RSA Access Manager 6.0 software include hierarchical delegated administration, operational instrumentation and health monitoring, SmartRules(TM) extended results, extended interoperability with Microsoft technology, expanded logging, 64-bit computing support and an enhanced graphical user interface (GUI).

"As companies broaden Web single sign-on projects -- particularly when developing customer-facing portals -- there's a need to ensure ongoing scalability, as well as the ability for a Web access management solution to operate effectively within a complex IT network," said Bill McQuaide, senior vice president, Enterprise Solutions Division at RSA Security. "With RSA Access Manager 6.0 software, we provide a platform for rolling-out large scale Web access management deployments, while offering an attractive alternative for companies feeling the limitations of homegrown technologies."

Geisinger Health System and Elcom International: Customer Testimonials

Geisinger Health System, a physician-led health care system that serves more than 2 million people in forty Pennsylvania counties, leverages RSA Access Manager software for the company's MyGeisinger patient portal, which enables 60,000 patients to securely access portions of their electronic medical records. RSA Access Manager also enables referring physicians to securely access patient data, with stronger authentication provided via RSA SecurID(R) technology.

"As an integrated healthcare organization, we face significant compliance requirements related to the protection of highly-sensitive patient information. With RSA Access Manager, Geisinger Health System is able to effectively control access to private data, while ensuring that the process is easy for both patients and physicians," said David Young, Geisinger Information Technology program director. "RSA Access Manager 6.0 delivers features that will further support our efforts by delivering enhanced reporting capabilities and enable Geisinger to expand our portal projects, which will require the organization to offer delegated administrative capabilities across multiple hospitals both within and outside our network."

Elcom International, Inc., a leader in e-marketplace and e-procurement solutions serving government and commercial customers worldwide, selected RSA Access Manager software to deliver SSO capabilities for Zanzibar -- the United Kingdom government's e-procurement marketplace. Through Zanzibar, any public sector body in the United Kingdom may locate suppliers, browse product catalogs and conduct transactions. RSA Access Manager software enables Elcom to deliver SSO capabilities to Zanzibar users -- addressing the requirement that the marketplace be deployed in a single, cohesive fashion.

"Seamless Web single sign-on and highly-specific user access management were critical factors when the United Kingdom's Office of Government Commerce Buying Solutions' evaluated e-marketplace providers," said Jim Hanrahan, vice president of information technology at Elcom International. "Elcom's experience as a long-time RSA SecurID technology customer, paired with the clear technology advantages of RSA Access Manager, made the solution the ideal complement to our overall offering."

RSA Access Manager: New features and benefits
New features delivered in RSA Access Manager 6.0 software include:

o Hierarchical delegated administration: Large organizations often
have multiple business units and partners, with many staff tasked
at supporting the Web access management infrastructure.
Hierarchical delegated administration allows companies to split
empowerment rights by placing administrative groups in parent-child
relationships, where a parent-child relationship is defined as a
one-to-many relationship between the parent group (one) and the
child groups (many). This new functionality makes it easier for
large enterprises to delegate tasks across large collections of
administrative groups. Hierarchical delegated administration also
enables service providers to deploy a single instance of RSA Access
Manager to support multiple customers.

o Operational instrumentation and health monitoring: A new instrumentation
server with simple network management protocol (SNMP) support may link RSA
Access Manager software to a network management system (NMS), enabling customers
to monitor RSA Access Manager software performance and health in real-time --
empowering companies to easily identify configuration changes that may improve the
system's performance.

o SmartRules(TM) extended results: Organizations' Web infrastructures increasingly
require dynamic interactivity and workflow to maintain a high-quality user
experience. SmartRules extended results provide new policy flexibility and
responses to offer a dynamic user experience and lower the cost of developing

o Extended interoperability with Microsoft technology: RSA Access
Manager 6.0 now supports deploying with Microsoft(R) Active
Directory Application Mode (ADAM) and Microsoft Active Directory(R)
(AD). Organizations may deploy RSA Access Manager on Microsoft ADAM
while the system accesses user and group information from Microsoft
AD. This new deployment profile may improve deployment times, as
Microsoft AD no longer needs proprietary RSA Access Manager schema
to be deployed.

o Expanded logging: RSA Access Manager 6.0 provides richer
granularity in logging and reporting, enabling organizations to
better address compliance mandates that require organizations to
sufficiently manage access to private data.

o 64-bit computing support: Organizations today face growing demands
on their computing infrastructure, and new 64-bit operating system
platform support enables organizations with large deployments to
easily scale to millions of users. For organizations with smaller
deployments, 64-bit support may enable organizations to deploy the
latest low cost 64-bit servers, reducing the infrastructure cost of
a Web access management solution.

o Enhanced GUI: RSA Access Manager 6.0 now offers dynamic searching,
sorting, and context sensitive drop down menus, enabling more
efficient system administration.

RSA Access Manager 6.0 software delivers out-of-the-box interoperability with RSA SecurID(R) two-factor authentication technology, enabling customers to strongly protect users' Web SSO experience. In addition, RSA Access Manager 6.0 offers backward compatibility (to RSA ClearTrust 5.0), enabling current customers to easily upgrade. RSA Access Manager (as RSA ClearTrust) was named 2006 Identity and Access Management product of the year by Information Security magazine and


RSA Access Manager 6.0 software will be available worldwide in August 2006. More information is available online at

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RSA Security Inc. is the expert in protecting online identities and digital assets. The inventor of core security technologies for the Internet, the Company leads the way in strong authentication, encryption and anti-fraud protection, bringing trust to millions of user identities and the transactions that they perform. RSA Security's portfolio of award-winning identity & access management solutions helps businesses to establish who's who online -- and what they can do.

With a strong reputation built on a 20-year history of ingenuity, leadership and proven technologies, we serve more than 20,000 customers -- including financial institutions representing hundreds of millions of consumers around the globe -- and interoperate with over 1,000 technology and integration partners. For more information, please visit

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Geisinger Health System is the foremost rural healthcare provider in the United States. Founded in 1915, it has evolved into one of the nation's leading fully integrated healthcare providers. Serving more than two million residents throughout central and northeastern Pennsylvania, the physician-led organization is at the forefront of the country's rapidly emerging electronic health records movement. With three major regional medical centers and a 650- member group practice, the pioneering system is home to the industry's pre- eminent not-for-profit rural HMO and the renowned Center for Health Research and Rural Advocacy-dedicated to creating innovative new models for patient care, satisfaction and clinical outcomes. For more information, visit

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Elcom International, Inc. is an international B2B Commerce Service Provider offering affordable solutions for buyers, sellers and commerce communities to automate many or all of their procurement processes and purchase most or all of their goods and services in a 'private' eMarketplace system. PECOS, Elcom's remotely-hosted flagship solution, enables enterprises of all sizes to achieve the many benefits of eProcurement and eMarketplace functionality, with the system hosted by Elcom at its own data center, eliminating the burden and cost of in-house programming, IT infrastructure and ongoing catalog content and system management. More information is available from Elcom's integrated Web site at:

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