Software enables true multidiscipline simulation.

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Speeding design efficiency and driving early design validation, MD Solutions R2 enables diverse mathematical analysis models to interact, allowing engineers to create models that reflect actual operating conditions for complex situations. Program eliminates model size constraints due to physical memory limitations, and all products within suite can scale from simple stress analysis to complex models requiring millions of degrees of freedom.

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MSC.Software Revolutionizes Multidiscipline Simulation With the Release of MD Solutions R2

Powerful New Version of MD Product Suite Delivers Faster, More Accurate Results While Reducing Time and Cost to Market

SANTA ANA, Calif., March 13 /- MSC.Software Corp. (NASDAQ:MSCS), the leading global provider of enterprise simulation solutions and services, today announced the release of MD Solutions R2 (MD R2), the newest installment of the company's line of multidiscipline enterprise simulation solutions. MD R2 provides engineers with a powerful, integrated and optimized solution set that enables true multidiscipline simulation to speed design efficiency, drive early design validation, and provide manufacturers with insight into total product lifecycle performance.

MD R2 is the only multidiscipline simulation solution set on the market that enables diverse mathematical analysis models to interact so that the effects of one environment can be simultaneously applied to another. Through this approach, engineers are able to create models that reflect actual operating conditions for even the most complex situations, achieving faster, more accurate results. For example, prior to MSC's innovative MD Solutions, engineers had to perform separate analyses to understand the sound passengers experience while also studying ride quality of automobiles. The separate results had to then be combined to produce the overall acoustic and ride quality of the automobile. With MD R2, the complete noise and ride quality of automobiles can be simulated with a single model, significantly reducing the time to complete the simulation and with more accurate results.

With the fully-integrated MD R2, a complete range of simulations can be performed in a single, consistent environment. MD R2 eliminates model size constraints due to physical memory limitations that continue to handicap other systems. All products within the solution suite are designed to scale from the simplest stress analysis to the most complex models requiring millions of degrees of freedom. The solution is powerful enough to handle large, interconnected assemblies with an array of specialty connectors, advanced 3D contact with friction ability, flexible and rigid component support and super-elements.

"We are excited to bring to market a revolutionary new approach to simulation with the release of MD R2," said Reza Sadeghi, chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering, MSC.Software. "Previously, engineers were limited by point solutions that only allowed them to model one attribute of analysis at a time. Now, with MD R2, engineers have the power to model multiple attributes of a system with multiple physics accounted for simultaneously and simulate the interaction between parts in a product. The result is more accurate and more realistic than ever before."

The new version consists of three primary applications, MD Nastran R2, the most powerful and widely-used simulation solution in the world, MD Patran R2, a simulation software environment that helps engineers conceptualize, develop and test multi-disciplinary product designs and MD Adams, a new addition to the suite, which supports better integration between the two. The combined solution, MD Solutions R2, offers the following new features:

o Integrated rigid body and flexible body simulations -- The integration of MD Adams and MD Nastran R2 enabling powerful capabilities including the incorporation of component flexibility in a full-system simulation as well as to more accurately predict stresses in a flex body for durability calculations.

o Industry Proven Contact & Advanced Integrated Nonlinear solutions -- Easily extend existing linear models to full nonlinear behavior; provide the capability to join or "glue" dissimilar meshes in linear & nonlinear simulations as well as an expanded material library to accurately simulate material nonlinearity.

o NVH & Acoustics -- Simulation of exterior Acoustics using FFT Actran technology; generation and assembly of FRF (Frequency Response Functions) for frequency response analysis, and enhancements to ACMS for reductions in compute time, disk I/O and scratch space.

o High Performance Computing (HPC) -- Integration of new solver technologies to simulate larger and higher fidelity models as well as providing for scalable performance such as with exterior acoustics simulations.

o Multidisciplinary Optimization -- Several developments including the ability to perform combined topology, sizing and shape optimization and performance improvements for large models through automatic external superelement optimization. Another very significant addition includes the capability to randomize the Nastran data for design robustness studies such as with stochastic simulations.

o MD Patran R2 extensions for MD Nastran R2 -- MD Patran continues to unleash the power of MD Nastran by supporting more solution types and options including contact, rotordynamics and more. In addition, MD R2 provides for performance & scalability for large models and continues to focus on quality improvements.

Pricing and Availability
MD R2 is available now and can be purchased directly from MSC.Software. Existing MD Nastran and MD Patran customers will receive this latest update as part of their current maintenance agreement. Pricing is based on customer needs and the size of the organization. Promotion upgrade pricing for current customers is available. For more information, please visit or contact (714) 540 8900.

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