Software enables fingerprint login to eDirectory.

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SecuGen Enterprise NMAS Login Method v2.2 works through NMAS (Novell Modular Authentication Service), allowing users to authenticate to eDirectory with their fingerprints. ConsoleOne enables system-wide security and individual user security thresholds to be set and fingerprint credentials to be deleted. Diagnostic tool and self registration function are also included. It can be combined with other methods for multi-factor authentication.

Original Press Release:

SecuGen Releases Improved Login Method for Fingerprint Authentication to Novell's eDirectory through NMAS

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 26 // -- SecuGen is pleased to announce the release of version 2.2 of SecuGen Enterprise NMAS Login Method software and its continuing partnership with Novell.

As a Novell Silver Technology Partner, SecuGen developed a fingerprint authentication method that works with an organization's existing Novell infrastructure. Now updated and improved, the SecuGen Enterprise NMAS Method v2.2 is a powerful fingerprint login method that works through NMAS (Novell Modular Authentication Service), allowing users to authenticate to eDirectory with their fingerprints.

"Biometrics is now a mainstream solution to one of the most problematic areas of network security: authentication," said SecuGen Vice President of Software Development, Dan Riley. "A great advantage of using fingerprints is that an organization can be sure their users are who they say they are, especially when trying to access sensitive or vulnerable resources. A fingerprint can't be lost, stolen, or forgotten. Our partnership with Novell and integration with NMAS makes implementing fingerprint authentication with SecuGen technology easier than ever before."

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen, stated, "We're very pleased to once again be able to provide our partners with state-of-the-art software that is seeing more and more demand by organizations of all types, such as education, healthcare, and local government. We're fully committed to improving our products to meet our partners' evolving needs and increasing the value they deliver to their customers."

Version 2.2 of the SecuGen NMAS Enterprise Login Method includes powerful new tools and improvements including:

o System-wide Security Threshold can be set in ConsoleOne.
o Individual User Security Threshold can be set in ConsoleOne.
o The higher of either System-wide or Individual Security Thresholds is
applied at login time.
o Fingerprint credentials can be deleted in Console One.
o Diagnostic Tool determines if a user's fingerprint data already exists
in the directory.
o Self Registration gives administrators the option to have users
self-register their fingerprints.
o This version has been tested with eDirectory on Linux, Windows and
Netware platforms.

Additional benefits of using the SecuGen Method include:

o Convenient logon with fingerprints, which are more secure than
passwords alone.
o User-friendly logon interface.
o Reduced administrative overhead caused by password resets. Fingerprints
are unique and do not need to be memorized.
o Ease of combining with other methods for multi-factor authentication.
o Scalability and extensibility to fit organizations of all sizes.

The modular nature of NMAS makes it extremely easy to add SecuGen's fingerprint logon seamlessly without having to replace existing software or learn complicated new procedures. Used with SecuGen's world-renowned highly durable fingerprint readers, the SecuGen Method is a cost-effective solution that can be quickly implemented with minimal downtime.

The SecuGen Method is sold as a Starter Pack containing server and client software plus ten user licenses. For more information, call 408-727-7717 or send an e-mail to

About SecuGen

SecuGen Corporation ( is the world's leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint recognition technology, products, tools and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops proprietary and patented fingerprint sensors and algorithms and markets OEM components, developer kits, application software and fingerprint peripherals for a wide range of applications.

NOTE: SecuGen is a registered trademark of SecuGen Corp. in the United States and other countries. Novell, NMAS, ConsoleOne and eDirectory are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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