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Press Release Summary:

REALbasic 2008 Release 5 provides ability to print source code in color and to duplicate methods, properties and constants. Also, users can write tools to completely automate building of applications. Auto-complete feature supports namespaces and uses icons to show selections from auto-complete list. Suited for creating utilities for enterprise-class applications, software development environment is available in Windows/Mac, Linux, and cross-platform versions.

Original Press Release:

REAL Software Ships REALbasic 2008 Release 5; Continues with Focus on Quality

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 9 / / - REAL Software, creator of REALbasic, a cross-platform development environment for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux developers, began shipping REALbasic 2008 Release 5 today. This release continues with a focus on quality, adding over 100 improvements to REALbasic and a few new features, including both the ability to print source code in color and to duplicate methods, properties and constants. Additionally, users can now write their own tools to completely automate the building of their applications.

REALbasic 2008 Release 5 also improves upon auto-complete, a feature that all REALbasic developers use many times a day. Auto-complete now supports namespaces and uses icons to show what is being selected from the auto- complete list.

The complete list of improvements and new features in REALbasic 2008 Release 5 can be found in the release notes in the product download section,

About REALbasic

REALbasic is a full-featured software development environment suited to creating a wide range of applications, from utilities to enterprise-class applications. REALbasic Personal Edition for Windows or Mac is priced at $100. REALbasic for Linux Personal Edition is offered for free. REALbasic Professional Edition, required for cross-platform deployment, is $500. All versions of REALbasic are now available and can be downloaded directly from REAL Software at

About REAL SQL Server

REAL SQL Server is a cross-platform multi-user database server. REAL SQL Server provides REALbasic users the ability to create secure, robust database applications more quickly and effectively than any other database server. Designed for use with REALbasic 2006 or later, more information, including a list of the major features for REAL SQL Server, can be found at

About REAL Software

REAL Software provides REALbasic and REAL SQL Server, for developers who want to create and deliver cross-platform software for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. REAL Software was founded in 1996 and is based in Austin. For more information visit or call 512.328.7325.

Visit REAL Software at Macworld Expo in San Francisco from January 6th - 9th in booth #3428.

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