Software embeds analytics into business processes.

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Designed for rapid application delivery and deployment of customized analytical applications, DB2® Alphablox v8.3 delivers component-based, comprehensive framework for integrating analytics into existing business processes and systems. Users can develop and deploy solutions via custom web-based applications with zero footprint on client PC. Analytical functionality of underlying multidimensional databases can be delivered through Alphablox platform.

Original Press Release:

IBM DB2 Alphablox, V8.3 Delivers Enhanced Support and Function for Your On Demand Business

DB2 Alphablox, V8.3 continues to enable rapid customization with a platform of open standards-based components that dramatically decreases the time needed to design, develop, and embed advanced analytics into your particular business processes.

This inline analytics approach allows you to:
Develop and deploy user solutions via custom Web-based applications with zero footprint on client PC configurations
Deliver the rich analytical functionality of underlying multidimensional databases through the Alphablox platform
Deliver the native analytical functionality of underlying relational data through the Alphablox platform, for instance using DB2 Cube Views® or DB2 UDB Data Warehouse Edition (both built on DB2 Universal Database® Universal Database technology)
Integrate analytics at the "point of analysis" in ways that are customized to each user's role and context

For ordering, contact:
Your IBM representative or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: YE001).

DB2® Alphablox for Linux(TM), UNIX® and Windows(TM), V8.3 is optimized for rapid application delivery and deployment of customized analytical applications. It delivers a component-based, comprehensive framework for integrating analytics into existing business processes and systems. It can help you maximize the value of information assets by delivering contextual business insight to the right people at the point of decision.

What's new

Enhanced integration with WebSphere® Portal Server (WPS) V5.1 means that new and existing Alphablox customers can now take advantage of the advanced capabilities found in WPS. These include portlet-to-portlet communication, advanced personalization and profile management, and secure single sign-on.

Enhanced integration with Rational® Application Developer (RAD) V6.0, one of the premier Integrated Development Environments for J2EE-based development via an Alphablox plug-in will allow RAD programmers to incorporate DB2 Alphablox tag libraries with automatic tag completion.

Additional enhancements to the DB2 Alphablox relational cubing engine include support for ragged and unbalanced hierarchies as well as calculated members, default dimension members, named sets, attributes and custom member order specification. It also enables non-empty keyword support (allowing for suppression of missing rows/columns). Expanded support for MDX is also now available to partners and customers, including: order, topcount, toppercent, bottomcount, bottompercent, item, hierarchize, topsum, and bottomsum.

New cross-browser support for Dynamic HTML (DHTML) clients is available with new support for Firefox 1.0 and Mozilla 1.7. These additional browsers will be supported across a number of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, AIX®, Solaris, and HP-UX.

User interfaces are now in compliance with accessibility standards set by the US. Government.

The Calendar Control support Arabic, Hebrew and Japanese calendars in addition to the standard Western (Gregorian) calendar.

Additional localization enhancements include bi-directional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew. More languages, including Italian, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, and Russian, are now added to the supported languages.

SAP-BW customers can now leverage DB2 Alphablox to access and present the multidimensional data from SAP-BW. In addition, the power of DB2 Alphablox relational cubing capabilities are extended to customers of DB2 on z/OS®, Cloudscape(TM), and Apache Derby.

Improved support for Hyperion Essbase and DB2 OLAP Server(TM) includes:
Single sign-on for Essbase and DB2 OLAP Server.
Native Essbase and DB2 OLAP Server ("C" API) bridges on RHEL 3 Linux operating system.

Planned availability dates
December 2, 2005 (electronic software delivery)
December 9, 2005 (media and documentation)

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