Software detects vulnerabilities in enterprise networks.

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Network Software Inspector (NSI) can detect 4,000 different applications and their security updates. It scans all relevant executables in system and matches fingerprints of these files against Secunia File Signature database, producing map of all installed applications and components of system down to version number. Inspection results are intelligently grouped, allowing users to immediately know what and where the problems are in their network and how to remediate them.

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Secunia Reinvents Vulnerability Scanner Technology

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, May 16 -- Secunia has released a revolutionary and unique scanning tool for enterprise networks. So far this tool has been tested by 1,600 IT-administrators from all over the world during the recent public BETA test of the Secunia Network Software Inspector (NSI). The Secunia NSI has emerged as the answer to the increasing need to identify all missing security related patches to fix known vulnerabilities in business applications.

The problem

Close to 1/3 of all installed applications on corporate networks miss critical security patches, This is largely because current vulnerability scanning tools focus on vulnerabilities in network services, weak passwords, open shares and the top 20 or 50 most common applications. The Secunia NSI, however, is capable of detecting 4,000 different applications and whether they miss security updates - more applications are added daily.

The solution

The Secunia Network Software Inspector is the latest product offering from Secunia, the world-leading provider of vulnerability intelligence and solutions. The Secunia NSI aids the vulnerability management process by documenting vulnerable applications and providing comprehensive reports with a highly accurate mapping of installed applications, patches, and version numbers. This not only helps the IT-administrators in their daily work but also helps corporations in their aim for policy and regulation compliance.

"The Secunia NSI is a unique tool. It is based on unique application scanning and identification technologies developed exclusively by Secunia and is developed for the corporate environment so that it can scan applications in the network," says Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO of Secunia.

Unique Technologies

The Secunia NSI uses two unique technologies. It scans all relevant executables in a system and matches the fingerprints of these files against the Secunia File Signature database, producing a map of all installed applications and components of a system down to the version number. This map of applications is then matched against the Secunia Advisory Database, making it possible to inspect if the identified applications have documented security issues.

Unlike other vulnerability scanners, which perform invasive tests that carry risks of inaccurate results and usability problems, the Secunia NSI scored nearly 100% accuracy during Beta-testing in identifying existing vulnerabilities in a much safer and more accurate and reliable manner.

Beta Testing the NSI

The Beta testing program of the NSI. started on April the 24th and involved the participation of over 1,600 corporate users all over the world.
Announced to the public via the Secunia community site, the NSI Beta testing generated excitement and enthusiasm for the new unique scanning technology.
After two weeks, the testing has produced overwhelmingly positive and constructive feedback, including excitement regarding the NSI's nearly 100% accuracy rate and ease of use.

The first official version of the NSI has been adjusted to include as much feedback as possible, assuring Beta testers that their participation is of great value, and customers that Secunia makes sure to deliver the best possible product.

From the SI to the NSI

The NSI is the successor of the Secunia Software Inspector (SI), which was launched last December 2006, and which since has been executed more than 350,000 times, inspecting almost 5 million applications.

"Expanding the SI for the corporate network was a natural evolution. We were really inspired by the enthusiasm people had towards the SI, and we've used this valuable data and feedback for launching our NSI for the corporate market," says Rasmussen.

Ease of Use and Compatibility

"The NSI's interface is intuitive and user-friendly, very clean and direct to the point. The NSI provides the system administrators with exactly the information they want to find out. The inspection results from the NSI are intelligently grouped, allowing you to immediately know what and where the problems are in your network and how to remediate them", Rasmussen adds.

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