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Software delivers real-time access control monitoring.

Press Release Summary:

Used for monitoring access doors and alarm points in local/remote locations, Frontier(TM) v5.7.5 includes fault-tolerant door controller option with 3-tier data distribution redundancy to ensure access control connectivity. Maintenance Mode blocks alerts to security personnel for testing, repairing, and/or modifying access door or alarm point while it is alarmed, and selective access can be disabled by individual access group assigned to badge based on inactivity/disuse of access areas.

Original Press Release:

Matrix Systems Releases Frontier(TM) Upgrade Access Control Software-Version 5.7.5

Dayton, Ohio-(July 24, 2008)-- Matrix Systems, a Dayton, Ohio-based turnkey access control and security solutions provider, introduced the Frontier(TM) Version 5.7.5 access control software upgrade. Frontier Version 5.7.5 is a comprehensive security solution that provides real-time monitoring for access doors and alarm points for local/remote locations in the healthcare, airport, higher education, and industrial markets.

Frontier Version 5.7.5 sports many new features such as a Maintenance Mode, User-Defined PINs, plus enhancements and additional automation to the Pass Back Zone and Access Groups. The new upgrade also offers industry's only true fault-tolerant door controller option with triple-tier data distribution redundancy for assured access control connectivity.

The following features are now standard with Frontier software:

o Maintenance Mode-Blocks alerts to security personnel for the purposes of testing, repairing and/or modifying an access door or alarm point while it is alarmed. Additionally, all settings such as sounds selections, email paging, routing groups, etc., are retained so that no post-programming is required after returning to Normal Mode.

o User-Defined PINs-Requires periodic or voluntary changes in each access user's PIN. Any reader can be designated for PIN registration allowing the user to change PIN values at any access portal. The new feature also inhibits using easily discovered PIN values such as social security numbers, phone numbers or commonly-used lettering/numbering sequences.

o Access Groups Enhancement-Selective access can now be disabled by individual access group that's assigned to a badge based on inactivity or disuse of access areas. Additionally, configuration possibilities include automatically removing individual access group assignments for an ID badge based on an expiration or inactivity. This eliminates the labor-intensive task of manually searching and removing expired and/or dormant access groups from a card holder's badge.

o Zone Occupancy Macros-Sends alerts, email pages or disabling commands based on a predetermined limit of card holders entering/exiting a zone. For example, the system can automatically arm a zone and turn off lights when the occupancy count goes to zero.

The Frontier Version 5.7.5 uses Microsoft® Windows® 2003 Server, XP, Vista, plus SQL Server 2005, and Crystal Reports XI. Frontier is an open architecture program utilizing an ODBC-compliant database allowing access by third party programs or interfaces. Frontier also provides integration with photo ID badge-producing software, ad-hoc reporting, CCTV, DVR, fire system secondary annunciation and infant abduction.

"With unique innovations such as the industry's only true fault-tolerant door controller option, the Frontier Version 5.7.5 proves it's the cutting edge of today's access control technology," said James Young, president of Matrix Systems.

Frontier Version 5.7.5 is also compatible with newly-partnered software companies, EasyLobby® visitor management systems, and Sagem Morpho, a manufacturer of multi-biometric access control equipment using fingerprint, iris and facial recognition technology.

About Matrix: Matrix Systems, Dayton, Ohio, is the only security solutions provider to author and integrate access control software, design and manufacture subsystem hardware, engineer and install, sell direct to end-users, and provide intimate customer service. For more than 25 years, Matrix has provided turnkey access control solutions for aviation, healthcare, education, industry, corporate, government and other applications. The systems are flexible, scalable and easy to use, allowing customers to optimize their IT infrastructure, increase productivity, and effectively track people and information. For more information on Matrix Systems, please visit or call 800-562-8749 x4490.

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