Software delivers e-mail archive management capabilities.

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DB2® CommonStore v8.2 for Lotus® Domino(TM) and DB2 CommonStore for Exchange Server helps manage growth of messaging system and archive storage requirements. For Lotus Domino customers, software leverages Domino R6 and Domino R6 Archiving Interface and offers policy-driven archive. For Exchange Server customers, software offers support for Exchange 5.5 Servers, use of Windows Services to automate tasks, and archive and retrieval capabilities.

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IBM DB2 CommonStore V8.2 for Lotus Domino, Exchange Server, and Entry Offerings Plus DB2 Content Manager e-Mail Archive Solution Deliver Total E-mail Archive Management

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The IBM Enterprise Content Management portfolio of products delivers information on demand to businesses of all sizes.

New in CommonStore V8.2 for:

Lotus Domino customers

o Leverages Domino R6 and Domino R6 Archiving Interface

o Offers enhanced policy-driven archive

o Policy definition for specific users or user groups

o Formulas to select documents to archive

o Uses Windows(TM) Services to automate its tasks

o iNotes(TM) and Notes® client access enhancement

o Mobile user support

o Security enhancements

o Enhanced search capabilities

Exchange Server customers

o Support for Exchange 5.5 Servers

o Easier migration from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 Server

o Additional Outlook client platforms (Outlook 97, 98, 2002)

o Uses Windows Services to automate its tasks

o Security enhancements

o Enhanced archive and retrieval capabilities

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative or the Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: YE001).


In today's e-business world, e-mail is one of the major communication tools needed to run a business, and a business-critical source of information. Continuous growth in the number of e-mail users and increased traffic, volume, and size of each e-mail necessitates specific management. E-mail archive management is key to controlling this volume growth and storing e-mail records as mandated by industry-specific regulations.

DB2® CommonStore for Lotus® Domino(TM) and DB2 CommonStore for Exchange Server are IBM e-mail archive management products that can be used by Lotus Domino and Microsoft(TM) Exchange customers to:

o Manage growth of main messaging system storage requirements by regular archiving

o Extend mail server storage with back-end archive management storage with seamless integration

o Increase operational and administrational efficiency by shortening the backup/restore window

o Improve and control mail server performance by off-loading infrequently accessed content, e-mail, existing documents from any Lotus Domino application, or documents from Exchange Public Folder

o Enable easier version-to-version upgrades when e-mail volume is controlled

o Increase end-user productivity with fast search and retrieval from archive, even after several years, simply from client interface

o Exploit virtual storage management system, which permits change in storage media without disrupting access

o Establish scalable and secure back-end archive management repository, which is virtually unlimited in growth

o Keep e-mail records based on regulatory and legal requirements

These solutions provide e-mail archive content and storage management capabilities. They also assist in archiving for regulatory compliance requirements. IBM is delivering on the promise to provide the best technology tools to aid corporations in archiving their governance and compliance goals without disrupting their current business processes and environment.

Policy-driven and user-driven archive management capabilities enable companies to select and adopt the most appropriate archive approach for the organization. Since the retrieval process is through standard client interfaces of the specific mail systems, it is almost seamless for the end users. Both solutions can easily be expanded into a corporate Enterprise Content Management system since the IBM Enterprise Content Management technologies are offered as a back-end archive management system.

Planned availability dates

October 15, 2003 (electronic software delivery)

October 31, 2003 (media and documentation)


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