Software delivers complete warehouse control.

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SpectrumPlus(TM) provides scalable, Microsoft® Windows®-based warehouse control system that directs warehouse, distribution center, and manufacturing stock, tool, and clean room functions. Working as HMI, software electronically automates paper-based instructions associated with picking, putting, or storage system. With GUI that guides workers through operations, it is adaptable for host-based inventory systems or systems in which software manages inventory.

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FKI Logistex White Systems Launches Spectrumplus Warehouse Control System

Flexible, scalable Windows-based WCS offers complete warehouse control

(Kenilworth, NJ: April 28, 2004) FKI Logistex® White Systems (, a leader in designing and building high-throughput, mission-critical automated material storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) for manufacturers and distributors, announces the launch of SpectrumPlus(TM), a scalable, Microsoft® Windows®-based warehouse control system (WCS) software.

SpectrumPlus directs a wide array of warehouse, distribution center, and manufacturing stock, tool and clean room functions, including the control of material handling equipment, item picking and storage operations, as well as inventory and order management.

As a human-machine interface (HMI), SpectrumPlus electronically automates the usual paper-based instructions associated with a conventional picking, putting or storage system, freeing operators to work on required tasks. With an object-oriented, graphical user interface (GUI), the software guides warehouse workers through their operations, increasing overall system productivity, space utilization, accuracy and speed.

SpectrumPlus instruction screens command a variety of functions, including receipt processing, order processing, picking, stocking and putaways, item count and scan verification, and item replenishment. Configurable at the workstation, workzone and user level, SpectrumPlus can control all or part of a warehouse and its material handling and storage equipment, including flow rack, shelving and bulk locations, thereby providing a completely flexible control platform that can tailor to a facility's specific needs.

Adaptable for either host-based inventory systems or for systems in which SpectrumPlus manages the inventory, SpectrumPlus directs warehouse functions while maintaining a facility's existing location schemes. In systems where SpectrumPlus manages the inventory, the software will optimize all picking and stocking operations based on its inventory map. This frees the host system to send only order-related information, relieving it of inventory-related tasks for locations under SpectrumPlus control.

The SpectrumPlus package also features a server control module. A multi-workstation system configured with SpectrumPlus Server creates a single point of contact for the host system, minimizing communication errors that can occur between the host and workstations. SpectrumPlus is based on Microsoft.Net® technology, utilizes Microsoft SQL Server® as its database system, and replaces the existing White Systems legacy software line.

SpectrumPlus can be configured for pick-and-pass or parallel pick operations; label, pick and put list printing; touch-screen monitors; bar code scanners; and RF devices. Reporting is available through Business Objects® Crystal Reports®.

SpectrumPlus supports automated horizontal and vertical carousels; light-directed flow rack; batch order processing; selective batching; automatic and manual batching; unscheduled "hot" picks and putaways; picking and prioritizing by lot or serial number; and FIFO inventory accounting. The software will direct up to four carousels or one bulk zone per workstation; handles anomalies such as full totes, short picks, invalid locations, and unavailable locations; and can assign optimal putaway locations.

In picking and storage, SpectrumPlus uses a positive acknowledgement system that works directly with the host system to confirm operator actions, further improving inventory accuracy and reducing the steps needed to close order loops.

SpectrumPlus supervisory controls include inventory, order, warehouse location, zone, and security management functions. The software works easily to import legacy data, requiring little data cleanup for installation, and is currently being rolled out to the White Systems customer base.

SpectrumPlus becomes the newest member of the FKI Logistex Warehouse Software Suite. Support for the package includes on-site installation management; 24-7-365 technical support; online remote modem and web-based support; remote installation, diagnostics, and upgrades via the web; and full access to ongoing product development and enhancement releases.

"The release of SpectrumPlus positions White Systems as the leading provider of software for storage and retrieval operations in distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing operations," said Terry Hinton, system sales manager, FKI Logistex White Systems. "If your organization is looking for a warehouse control system that provides increased productivity, speed, inventory accuracy, and ease-of-use, SpectrumPlus is the clear, hands-down choice."

For sales and marketing information, please contact Kevin Kozuszek, marketing communications manager, FKI Logistex White Systems, by phone at (314) 993-4700 or by e-mail at

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White Systems, an FKI Logistex® member company, is a leader in designing and building high-throughput, mission-critical automated material storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) for item-order picking and putting applications in manufacturing and distribution. The White Systems product line includes horizontal and vertical carousels, the Power Column 2(TM) vertical lift module (VLM), inserter/extractor robots, the Spectrum Plus(TM) line of software, and the industry's best factory-trained service and support. White Systems is located at 30 Boright Avenue, Kenilworth, NJ 07033. For sales and marketing information, please contact Kevin Kozuszek, marketing communications manager, FKI Logistex White Systems, by phone at (314) 993-4700 or by e-mail at Visit White Systems on the web at

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FKI Logistex® ( is a leading supplier of integrated material handling solutions for distribution, baggage handling, freight, parcel, and manufacturing applications. FKI Logistex supplies its customers with an integrated set of leading edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, carousels, palletizing, paperless pick products, AS/RS, controls, order processing software, warehouse control systems, and total materials handling automation.

FKI Logistex comprises the industry's most successful and recognized brands, including Alvey Systems, Cleco Systems, Crisplant, FKI Logistex a/s, Automation Division (incorporating Buschman Operations and Mathews Operations), Integration Division, IoSystems, Real Time Solutions, and White Systems. For more information on any of the FKI Logistex member companies, click here to visit the FKI Logistex media center. For sales information, contact FKI Logistex, 1500 Lebanon Road, Danville, KY 40422, by phone at (877) 935-4564 or by e-mail at

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