Software delivers advanced enterprise service bus.

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Offering solution for application integration and mediation needs, WebSphere® Message Broker v6.0 adds capabilities to ESB by extending integration of service oriented architecture to encompass entire enterprise and beyond. Software can act as message and protocol switch, enabling user to connect disparate applications and business data across multiple platforms, and provide transformation and intelligent routing capabilities for all business information.

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IBM WebSphere Message Broker for z/OS V6.0 Delivers an Advanced ESB

At a glance
This new version continues to deliver significant new function that satisfies major customer requirements; and at the same time, improves migration, performance, and, ease of use. It offers:
Flexible transformation
Improved performance
Simplified installation and migration
Enhanced support for Web services
An improved development toolkit
New ways of driving flows
Enhanced message parsing
Improved management
Improved security
Extended platform support

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WebSphere® Message Broker Version 6.0 delivers the solution for your current application integration and mediation needs. It can add advanced capabilities to your enterprise service bus (ESB) by extending the integration of your service-oriented architecture (SOA) to encompass your entire enterprise and beyond.

WebSphere Message Broker V6.0 adds real value to the reliable connections between applications and systems as provided by WebSphere MQ and other WebSphere products. It provides the key capabilities your business needs to transform your business data and route it between applications.

By removing the need for your business applications to include routing and transformation logic, you can ensure your applications stay focused and your business stays flexible.

WebSphere Message Broker can act as a message and protocol switch. This enables you to connect disparate applications and business data across multiple platforms and to provide transformation and intelligent routing capabilities for all your business information. It makes business data available exactly where you want it in the format you need it.

WebSphere Message Broker's robust design, scalable architecture, high performance, and ease of use deliver the capability to build your ESB to implement an enterprise-wide SOA in stages.

This flexible combination of capabilities provides your business with the tools to solve your integration requirements from any starting point: a simple two-application solution or a multi-application, multi-platform design. As your business expands and the integration challenges multiply, WebSphere Message Broker can accommodate the changing needs of your business by:

Growing your infrastructure without increasing the complexity
Protecting your existing and ongoing investments in applications and data structures
Seamlessly extending your enterprise service bus
WebSphere Message Broker is the cost-effective solution for your enterprise's extensive integration and mediation needs today and will protect your investment into the future.

WebSphere Message Broker with Rules and Formatter Extension V6.0 offers the full level of function provided by WebSphere Message Broker with the addition of support for the Rules and Formatter capability from New Era of Networks.

WebSphere Event Broker V6.0 offers an easy way to distribute information based on the content of messages. Event Broker does this by providing publish and subscribe capabilities for clients who do not require the powerful and adaptable transformation capabilities provided by Message Broker.

All these products now contain a copy of WebSphere MQ Everyplace(TM), allowing you to link directly from WebSphere Message Broker or WebSphere Event Broker out to mobile platforms and devices.

Planned availability date
October 28, 2005

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