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Software converts handwritten notes into digital text.

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Feb 06, 2006 - MyScript Notes 2.0 recognizes handwriting and is compatible with devices such as Pegasus' NoteTaker, UC Logics LaPazz, and digital pens featuring Anoto functionality. It features MyScript Trainer and abilities such as text edit, text format, and conversion of shapes, diagrams, and freehand drawings. Supported languages include Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Danish, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

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Vision Objects Releases Myscript Notes 2.0

Press release date: Jan 26, 2006

Nantes (France), January 26th 2006, Vision Objects, provider of the industry standard in handwriting recognition technology, announces today the release of MyScript Notes 2.0. MyScript Notes is a stand alone software application that converts natural handwriting captured through digital pens and pointing devices into computer readable information.

Ever since its first release MyScript Notes has remained at the cutting edge of handwriting recognition technology. MyScript converts handwritten notes into digital text that can be sent to e-mail clients, text editors or spreadsheets: retyping handwritten notes is a thing of the past! With the 2.0 version, Vision Objects consolidates its position as technological leader in the field of handwriting recognition, providing full compatibility with writing devices such as Pegasus' NoteTaker, UC Logics' LaPazz and digital pens featuring Anoto functionality.

Major enhancements in this release include improved recognition accuracy and additional language support. As this version of MyScript Notes is based on the technology used in the latest release of MyScript Builder 4.0 (Vision Objects' Software Development Kit), it features unprecedented recognition accuracy in all supported languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish, and now also Danish as well as Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

MyScript Notes 2.0 features MyScript Trainer for Western languages: a module that helps users create a recognition profile of their handwriting, thereby improving the recognition of personal handwriting styles.

Other new features include full editing capability that offers users the possibility to edit text as if in a regular text editor, and a wide range of formatting options to underline and highlight text or use different text colours. MyScript Notes 2.0 handles several varieties of indented lists (such as bulleted and numbered lists), and users can add automatic replacements for abbreviations and acronyms, for even more efficient note management.

All these new features and functionalities come on top of those supported in previous releases, such as conversion of shapes, diagrams, tables and freehand drawings, making MyScript Notes 2.0 a must have for those that seek easy and efficient note management.

MyScript Notes is available through Vision Objects' online store, accessible from

About Vision Objects Vision Objects provides the industry standard in Handwriting Recognition Technology. Vision Objects' ground-breaking MyScript Technology reliably recognizes and converts handwriting into smart, valuable and searchable digital information. MyScript is available in many Western and Asian languages. MyScript is integrated into many existing systems for high level form processing, personal information management, messaging and edutainment applications. Vision Objects' mission is to develop and market accurate and high performance Handwriting Recognition & Understanding software for any platform using handwritten data entry through pen-based user interfaces such as Digital Pens, PDAs, Tablet PCs and Smartphones.

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