Software Build Application accelerates compile and build steps.

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OpenMake Meister v7.3 features build engine that optimizes compiles running in parallelized mode for languages such as C/C++, .Net, and Java. Target file generator supports additional mappings of source code locations to output locations within archive. Mojo/Mojo Max v7.3 feature continuous integration server support as well as management console web capabilities. Both integrate open source testing and static analysis tools that can be included as workflow activities.

Original Press Release:

OpenMake Meister 7.3 Accelerates Software Builds

OpenMake Software Announces GA Release of Meister, Mojo and Mojo Max 7.3

CHICAGO, July 20 / / - OpenMake Software announced today the general release of OpenMake Meister and Mojo 7.3. This important release delivers optimized acceleration capabilities of the Meister build engine to improve continuous integration build processing as well as enhanced Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) integrations through Workflow Plug-ins.

"Acceleration of the compile and link steps are critical for improving overall continuous integration build speeds" states Steve Taylor, CTO, OpenMake Software. "The 7.3 Meister build engine optimizes compiles running in parallelized mode for smart and fast continuous integration. And because our acceleration technology is not limited to make based builds, we can do this for all languages from Java, C and Microsoft .Net."

User of 7.3 will also benefit from the out of the box integrations with open source testing and static analysis tools that can be easily included as workflow activities when defining a build to release lifecycle process. "By adding new ALM integrations into our workflow, our users will benefit from improved reporting and a simpler method of managing the ALM activities of their continuous integration workflow process", states Mark Manzo, VP Sales, OpenMake Software.

New features specific to Meister 7.3 include:

- Optimized acceleration of compile and link processes through
parallelized builds for all supported languages including C/C++, .Net
and Java.

- Enhancements for Java developers delivered via the Target file
generator. This feature will support additional mappings of source
code locations to output locations within an archive. Additional
support includes Apache, MyEclipse, Jboss, and Weblogic.

- Enhancements for C/C++ developers delivering new mappings and Target
Generation support.

New features included in both Meister, Mojo and Mojo Max include:

- Improved continuous integration server support.

- New management console web capabilities.

- Additional application life cycle integrations.

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Openmake Software empowers the heart of software development - the software build. The build can cause missed deadlines and budget overages. It should not be ignored. We deliver the solutions that release the full potential of software development through build and workflow automation. Over 100,000 users recognize us as the authority for solving their toughest build challenges.

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