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MAImail automatic email routing and categorization program sorts or categorizes email based on mailbox structure, keywords, or taxonomy. Data can be allocated according to preference by altering rule to put information in correct location. Rules-based program can also be used in conjunction with Thesaurus Master to maintain terms, and M.A.I. to augment terms, while rules and terms can be combined into single interface.

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Access Innovations Data Harmony Releases Automatic Email Routing and Categorization Program

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., March 22 // -- Access Innovations, Inc. (Access), a leader in the data management industry, has announced the release of MAImail, an automatic email routing and categorization program.

Built on top of Access's popular Data Harmony M.A.I., this innovative system is rules-based. Using any outline of knowledge, the data can be situated in the location where it is easiest to find and review. MAImail is consistent in the placement of the same data. When allocation in another spot is preferred the rule is easily altered to put the information into the correct location. MAImail also can be used in conjunction with the thesaurus editor, Thesaurus Master, to maintain the terms, and M.A.I. to augment the terms. The rules and terms can be combined in a single interface: MAIstro.

Marjorie Hlava, Access President and Chairman, discussed the genesis of this advanced program: "Have you ever come back from a trip and been faced with 1,000 emails? Some are SPAM, some are listserv updates, some are invitations, some are project related -- but the number is staggering! Faced with this dilemma ourselves, and having the tools at hand to resolve it, we created a program to sort or categorize email based on mailbox structure, keywords or a taxonomy. MAImail allows data to be sorted into the proper places while we are out, or throughout the day. We then can look at groups of email by file and catch up on the whole story at once, instead of mentally jumping from thought to thought as we work our way through the inbox. It's a huge time and energy saver."

Jay Ven Eman, Access Chief Executive Officer, added, "Other clients use MAImail to sort the general delivery boxes like 'marketing' or 'info' to the proper person based on profiles. Publishers use it to sort incoming data feeds to the proper editors for review. MAImail eliminates the need for someone to constantly go through and monitor the incoming mail. It also can filter items directly to the trash file."

About Access Innovations

Access has supported document management and database construction in Information Management for 29 years. Our proprietary Data Harmony software suite provides unparalleled support for the implementation and accuracy of search engines. Employing a wide range of software tools, Access offers database solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the private and government sectors. Independently owned, Access constantly strives for perfection and increased accuracy in a world of information disseminated across multiple media. Cognizant of the time constraints faced by searchers of this evolving information influx, Data Harmony's software suite filters out the noise of unwanted search engine selections.

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