Software automates data migration for Windows environments.

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AutoMove(TM) v1.0 provides IT management with continuous data migration solution that performs automated inventory of physical and/or virtual server domains. It includes file virtualization capabilities that let users move data to various servers without disruption and also keep client network mappings unchanged. System monitoring and management, aided by policy wizard, help users supervise operations, identify/resolve issues, and validate migration success.

Original Press Release:

AutoVirt Announces AutoMove Windows Data Migration Software

Industry's First Continuous Data Migration (CDM) Solution Fully-Automates Windows Data Migration Resulting in Consistently Optimized Storage Resources -

Drastically Lowers Capital and Operational Expenses (CapEx and OpEx)

NASHUA, N.H., Feb. 2 / / - AutoVirt(TM), Inc., a leading provider of Windows data migration solutions, today announced the general availability of AutoMove(TM) software version 1.0. By leveraging advanced file storage virtualization technology, AutoMove, the industry's first continuous data migration (CDM) solution, allows IT management to fully automate the data migration function across its entire Windows environment. By automating this process, IT management benefits from consistently optimized storage resources and the resulting dramatic decrease in capital and operational expenditures (CapEx and OpEx).

"It amazes me that even in this day and age, file data is often kept statically in a file server even if migrating that data to another file server would be beneficial from a performance, cost and management perspective. The simple reason for this is that file migration is still a painful, disruptive and often a manual process," said Arun Taneja, founder and senior analyst, Taneja Group. "AutoVirt makes the challenges being faced around transparent Windows file migration a thing of the past. Especially in these trying times, customers will find using AutoMove defers expenses and improves performance, a combination that is hard to argue with."

"The ROI is massive and undeniable," said Josh Klein, president and CEO, AutoVirt. "At virtually the push of a button, AutoMove allows our customers to migrate their unstructured data anywhere within their network-attached storage (NAS) environment. This enables them to maximize utilization of their assets and defer additional storage expenditures for extended periods of time."

AutoMove is now generally available directly from the AutoVirt Website: At a starting price of just $10,000, it can be installed and fully operational in under an hour.

About AutoMove

As a native extension of any Windows file environment, AutoVirt AutoMove helps customers to:

- Inventory: AutoMove performs an automated inventory of physical
and/or virtual server domains.

- Virtualize: AutoVirt's file virtualization capabilities transform the
physical client-server connection to a virtual client-server
relationship. This change allows customers to move data to various
servers, without limitation or client disruptions. All client network
mappings remain unchanged. AutoMove's global namespace resolves all
client redirects to the new storage device. Virtualization is the key
enabler of transparent migration of online data.

- Automate Windows Data Migration: AutoVirt's insertion into a
customer's environment and subsequent data migration operations are
completely transparent to clients. The client network mappings remain
static while AutoMove resolves any network requests that target new
storage locations. Implementation is out-of-band, eliminating the
associated cost and added latency of an in-band solution. AutoMove is
software-only - no appliances or software agents need to be installed
in the environment.

- Manage and Monitor: Comprehensive monitoring and management
capabilities, via an intuitive policy wizard, help customers to
supervise ongoing operations across the entire Windows environment,
identify and quickly resolve potential issues, as well as immediately
validate the success of each migration.

About AutoVirt

AutoVirt(TM), Inc. is a leading provider of fully-automated data migration solutions for Windows. By leveraging advanced file storage virtualization technology, AutoVirt AutoMove(TM) software offers customers a continuous data migration (CDM) solution that is easy to acquire, deploy and manage - with no incremental work, downtime, configurations changes, or client software agents required - all at a highly affordable price. Moreover, AutoVirt software provides an out-of-band solution that eliminates the associated cost and added latency of an in-band approach. With AutoVirt, customers can finally transition from viewing data migration as a point-in-time event, to an automatic and continual load balancing capability. For further information, please call: 603-546-2900, email:, or visit

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