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MetaPure(TM) sits between data flows entering data system and data system itself, continuously monitoring and auditing data to ensure it adheres to pre-configured, customized business rules. It enables information systems and analytic personnel to correct problems before they cause serious errors in how data is used and analyzed. MetaPure provides real-time, up-to-date reports and scorecards that measure data quality across enterprise.

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Metagenix Announces General Release of MetaPure(TM)

Data Quality Auditing Tool Ensures The Integrity Of Data Entering Today's Mission-Critical Information Systems: Software aims at new "paradigm" for enterprise systems managers

Durham, North Carolina: February 25, 2003 - With increasing pressure for error-free, real-time decision-making in today's information systems environment, the need for tools that monitor and report on the quality of data entering enterprise computing systems is critical. "Garbage in, garbage out" is today more true than ever for corporate executives who depend on the accurate operation of their computing systems.

In response to this need, Metagenix®, the Durham, North Carolina-based industry-leading data quality software developer, today announced the release of MetaPure(TM). MetaPure, a data quality auditing tool for enterprise database systems, sits between the data flows entering a data system and the data system itself, continuously monitoring and auditing data to ensure it adheres to pre-configured, customized business rules. Easy to install and use, MetaPure enables information systems and analytic personnel to monitor data quality, allowing them to correct data quality problems before they cause serious errors in how data is used and analyzed.

Real-Time, Data-Quality Dependent Analytics

Aimed at organizations with data-quality-dependent enterprise systems as wide-reaching as CRM, SCM, and ERP, and as specific as fraud detection, patient record systems, and statistical analysis, MetaPure combines data auditing and business process analysis to attack the problem of poor data quality head-on, taking over where traditional data cleansing tools leave off.

As enterprise data systems increasingly become the mainstay of corporate management, the need for a tool like MetaPure is more and more evident. In the US alone, it is estimated that poor data quality costs businesses and non-profit organizations more than $611 billion per year. MetaPure is instant insurance for the smooth operation of today's corporate information systems and business analytics. Metagenix believes the product's price point provides a cost-effective way to minimize the risk of faulty data affecting the decision-making processes of today's financial and administrative executives and their marketing and research teams.

"Data Cleansing" And "Data Hygiene"

"Data quality continues to be thought of in the old paradigm of data hygiene, data cleansing, and address standardization," says Metagenix president and CEO, Greg Leman. "As today's enterprise computing environment changes and information systems grow in complexity, cost, and importance, the paradigm needs to shift so that data quality means more than just cleaning up names and addresses."

"Data quality auditing will ultimately prove to be a cornerstone of the success of large enterprise systems," adds Leman. "Without good data, enterprise computing systems face questions of their own validity."

How MetaPure Differs From "Data Cleansing" And "Data Hygiene" Tools In spite of their reliance on real-time, quality data, many organizations still confuse "data quality" with "data cleansing" and "data hygiene." This is understandable, since the data cleansing vendors were the first companies on the scene.

Much of today's data cleansing technology extends back into the 1980's direct mail business. The data cleansing vendors, by being first, were able to create the nomenclature. But data quality goes far beyond data cleansing. While data cleansing is part of the overall life cycle of data quality, it certainly isn't the entire life cycle.

What MetaPure Does

MetaPure is not a data cleansing tool. MetaPure does not make changes to your source data systems, nor does it act as a pipeline for cleaning, transforming, or moving data between sources and targets.

What MetaPure does is examines data in a place or as part of a transaction. It then reports how well that data fits with your business rules. While data cleansing products come in after the fact - after your data's been input and batched in one place - MetaPure is there as your data quality problems are happening, allowing you to see exactly where the source and nature of your data problems are. This enables you to fix the problems and monitor that they've been fixed for good. That's different than cleansing your data every time you do a data pull.

Data cleansing can be an important step in the data quality life cycle. If your existing data is dirty, you'll need to clean it up. What MetaPure does is help both sides of the equation - finding data quality problems and checking behind the cleansing vendors to make sure they actually operate as advertised. MetaPure isn't competitive to data cleansing. It's a necessary component of an overall data quality strategy.

"I can't stress enough to my clients the importance of considering a data quality initiative in any data integration project," says Dennis James, president of Diversified Computer Strategies, Inc., a data integration consultancy in Arlington, Texas. "When you look at the cost of an effort to build, maintain, and run a successful data warehouse or data mart, the small cost of a product like MetaPure starts to make a lot of sense. Why go to all the cost and effort of a data project without ensuring that the data you have is accurate and valid for your use?"

A Guard Against "Dirty Data"

Built around an easy-to-use interface and a robust platform developed for use across departments, data warehouses, and silos, MetaPure works by applying customer-specific business rules as a continuous check of data quality - providing real-time, up-to-date reports and scorecards that measure data quality across the enterprise. MetaPure offers protection against "dirty data" entering a data system, enabling systems and analytic personnel to find and correct data quality problems at their source.

Designed to work in almost all client-server environments, such as Windows NT, Linux, and UNIX, MetaPure successfully beta tested at a select group of Fortune 500 customers, including several financial, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies. The company welcomes interviews by the press, analyst, and healthcare community.

Visit Metagenix on the web at For additional information, please contact David Abels, Koroberi, Inc., by telephone at (919) 960-9794 ext. 22 or by e-mail at

About Metagenix

Metagenix, Inc. is a leader in data quality management and provides companies with powerful solutions to protect their investment in enterprise infrastructure applications. An early pioneer in the field of automated data profiling and analysis, Metagenix products are used by customers to continuously monitor and manage the quality of corporate data. This includes key strategic business initiatives such as Supply Chain Management (SCM), E-Commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence (DW/BI), and Data Conversions.

Metagenix believes the common thread among these systems is the requirement to populate them with accurate data, originating in a variety of sources located throughout the entire corporation. Solving this problem is where Metagenix's products like MetaPure(TM) excel - in the real-time, continuous auditing of data quality for today's mission-critical decision support applications.

The company welcomes the opportunity to brief interested industry analysts and members of the press. A white paper authored by Greg Leman, entitled, "Data Quality Auditing: The Cornerstone of Zero-Latency Business Analytics," is available for review at the company's website,, or for direct download by clicking here.

Incorporated in 1998, Metagenix is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, and has active partnerships with leading middleware, e-commerce, and data warehousing vendors. For more information or to set up a briefing, interview or personal demo, please contact David Abels, Koroberi, Inc., by phone at (919) 960-9794 ext. 22 or by e-mail at

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