Software Application Generator includes code tabs for customization.

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With Iron Speed Designer v6.2, users can generate rich interactive data entry and reporting applications for .NET. Built-in code tabs seamlessly combine code editor with code documentation, and enable users to identify which code methods to customize. Generating .NET Master pages as native application element, Iron Speed Designer includes Quick Layout Spreadsheet, which provides access to all page areas, facilitating page customization and regeneration.

Original Press Release:

Iron Speed Designer Version 6.2 Released

Iron Speed Designer Version 6.2 Released New code tabs simplify code customization!

San Jose, CA - October 27, 2009. Software development tools-maker Iron Speed, Inc. released Iron Speed Designer Version 6.2, the latest version of its popular Web 2.0 application generator. Iron Speed Designer generates rich interactive data entry and reporting applications for .NET. The new code tabs feature in Iron Speed Designer dramatically simplifies code customization. This along with enhanced application security and support for .NET Master pages helps IT departments generate robust, productivity-enhancing applications out-of-the-box.

"When we asked our customers how to make Iron Speed Designer better they said simplify code customization. V6.2 does exactly that! The relevant code tab for each page section shows users what code to apply and where to place it." - Alan Fisher, Chairman and Co-Founder, Iron Speed, Inc.

Improved code customization

Built-in code tabs in Iron Speed Designer V6.2 make it easy to identify which code methods to customize. Select the individual control you want to modify in the Quick Layout Spreadsheet and the relevant code methods are displayed below. There's very little to learn and no need to hunt through code files to find the right class and method.

"Once you get past the initial install and build of your app you have to work on customizing your app. Previously, developers struggled with this step because they didn't know where to place their code. The code tabs in Iron Speed Designer Version 6.2 seamlessly combine the code editor with code documentation showing users exactly what to do." - Paul Modiano, President, Logical Developers LLC

New generated application features

Iron Speed Designer now generates .NET Master pages as a native application element. Existing master pages can also be used with generated applications to implement corporate standards for common header, footer, menu and other components.

"I love the incorporation of .NET Master pages in Iron Speed Designer! This single feature alone is going to save me hours!" - Jim Murphy, River City Software Development LLC

Also new to V6.2, an enhanced Quick Layout Spreadsheet provides access to all page areas, simplifying page customization and regeneration. There's no need to learn or modify HTML.

"It's very easy to insert new rows and columns now that the editable spreadsheet area is bigger than the page content. The Quick Layout Spreadsheet is a fantastic idea that's very well executed."- James Whistler, Acid Yellow

About Iron Speed, Inc.

Iron Speed is the leader in enterprise-class Web application generation. Our tools generate data-driven applications in less time and with fewer resources than hand-coding.

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