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WebLegend enables online retailers to adapt web pages in real-time to match customer preferences and personalities. Program analyzes clickstreams of visitors and uses behavioral psychology to interpret activity and determine individual goals, decision-making methods, buying behaviors, and communications preferences. In as little as 3-5 clicks, customer will demonstrate behavior that lets 7 Billion People neural network determine behavioral tendency on various attributes.

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7 Billion People Unveils Innovative Web Personalization Software at DEMO 2009

WebLegend dramatically increases e-commerce conversion rates through a dynamic, deeply personalized web experience for each shopper

PALM DESERT, Calif., March 2 / / - 7 Billion People, Inc., a leading provider of web personalization software, today announced at DEMO 2009 the availability of WebLegend, an unprecedented software solution that enables online retailers to adapt web pages in real-time to match customers' individual preferences and unique personalities. By offering each shopper a personalized experience, the technology is already helping retailers increase online conversion rates by up to 70 percent.

"7 Billion People's software has the potential to change the way people conduct business online," said DEMO's executive producer Chris Shipley. "WebLegend will have a significant impact on e-retailers in the coming years."

WebLegend is a completely new type of e-commerce software that determines the behavioral preferences of website visitors by analyzing their clickstreams and building a "portrait" for every customer. The software uses behavioral psychology to analyze these portraits and determine individual shoppers' goals, decision-making methods, buying behaviors and communications preferences. WebLegend gives online retailers the ability to deeply understand their customers and dynamically adapt web pages that personally shape the e-commerce experience for every shopper.

"With WebLegend, 7 Billion People is rethinking how you determine customer behavior and respond to it too, to provide a full personalization of the online experience," said Mary Wardley, IDC's vice president of Enterprise Applications and CRM Software. "This approach has the potential to make a significant impact in the e-retail industry by moving beyond demographics to read, interpret and react to the customer's specific behavior."

As a customer navigates through a website, 7 Billion People technology gathers clickstream information to build a psychographic "Portrait" of the user. In as little as three to five clicks, that customer will demonstrate behavior that allows the powerful 7 Billion People neural network to determine a behavioral tendency on at least one of fifteen attributes. At that point in time WebLegend can start to modify content to better suit that customer's buying and information presentation preferences.

According to Mark Nagaitis, CEO of 7 Billion People, "It's clear that if you deliver the same web experience to every customer you're losing business, as evident by the fact that 97% of shoppers abandon without buying. The deep personalization made possible by WebLegend is allowing our early clients to increase their profits by better serving the customers already coming to their websites."

About 7 Billion People

7 Billion People builds software products that personalize the online experience for every visitor. Using time-tested principles from behavioral psychology and linguistic science, 7BP technology makes it possible to determine not just who a user is, in terms of traditional analytics and demographics, but why they are on a website at a given moment and what they want to accomplish. 7 Billion People helps marketers and website owners understand their customers' goals, communication preferences and information requirements to deliver a truly personalized online experience for increased sales and conversions. 7 Billion People was founded in 2006 and is located in Austin, Texas.

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