Software allows users to view trend charts on web.

Press Release Summary:

Trend Web extends flexibility for viewing plant-wide data to Web, utilizing Internet Explorer in OPC-HDA environment. Managers can view plant performance data from remote locations in real-time without dedicated leased communication lines. Process engineers can monitor data, allowing processes to be improved without on-site visits. Trend Web ActiveX control can easily be put into web page and is deployed by small self-installing 140K cab file.

Original Press Release:

Canary Labs Introduces Trend Web and the Supporting Server Software to Allow Users to View Trend Charts on the Web. . .Anytime. . .Anywhere

Martinsburg, PA - September 12, 2003 - Trend Web is the latest software component from Canary Labs, which extends the flexibility for viewing plant-wide data to the Web, utilizing Internet Explorer in an OPC-HDA environment. Trend Web is a great tool for both management and engineering. Managers can easily view plant performance data from remote locations in real-time without the need for costly travel or dedicated leased communication lines. Engineers love the ability to look at the critical plant data needed for important trouble-shooting decisions at night or on weekends from any Internet connection. Trend Web can also offer a cost-effective way for process engineers to monitor data from remote facilities allowing the process to be improved without the need for on-site visits.

About Trend Web:
Trend Web is an ActiveX control that can easily be put into a web page. It is easily deployed by a small self installing 140K cab file. Trend Web uses Internet Explorer on Windows 2000 or higher. Trend Web requests data from the Trend Web http server component. This server component provides access to data via the web and is available in IIS (Internet Information Server) for Windows and Apache using PHP on Unix. The web server gets data from the Trend Server, which converts processed trend data from OPC-HDA data sources into "web style" data. The Trend Server runs on Windows 2000 or higher and connects to Canary Labs' Trend Historian or any other Third Party OPC-HDA historian server. A trend chart development tool is also provided.

A live demonstration using Trend Web embedded in a web page is available on Canary Labs' web site at The data shown here is obtained from the Trend Historian installed at the Corporate Office in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. A simulation OPC server generates the data and the Canary Logger logs this data into the Trend Historian historical database. The Trend Web Server uses the OPC HDA interface of the Trend Historian to read the data and to send it through the Internet.

About Canary Labs:
Canary Labs has been providing critical solutions since 1985 that utilize the latest technology and has shipped nearly 10,000 units to 22 countries worldwide improving its customer's processes and profitability. Canary products have been used in a wide variety of industrial applications such as pulp and paper, steel, glass, pharmaceutical, semiconductors, refineries, pipelines, weather satellites and various other industries.

For more information, contact Canary Labs, Inc., Brownstone Building, Martinsburg, PA 16662 Telephone: (814) 793-3770. Web site - e-mail:

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