Software allows PoS phone-to-phone content transfer.

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Retail Management Solution (RMS(TM)) v4.0 offers content transfer function that handles personal address books, pictures, calendars, messages, and audio/video files. RMS client-server architecture enables central control, device updates, monitoring, and reporting for operators and retail chains. Operating from Talisman touchscreen online terminal, Buy Content feature allows retailers to sell user-selected content from integrated online content site.

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FutureDial Brings New Mobile Content Management Solution to Wireless Stores

SUNNYVALE, California, February 16 / / -

- RMS 4.0: Industry's first web-based, touch screen solution to personalize and sell mobile content directly on mobile handsets at the point-of-sale

FutureDial, a leading provider of mobile content management solutions for mobile operators, wireless retailers, and consumers, today announced the launch of Retail Management Solution (RMS(TM)) version 4.0, the latest offering that puts more mobile content management power into wireless stores.

RMS is an innovative, easy-to-use solution that offers powerful phone-to-phone content transfer, backup and restoration services across thousands of handset models at the store counter. The mobile content transfer function of RMS is a stand-alone revenue generating service that is strongly demanded by consumers to handle personal address books, pictures, calendars, messages, and audio/video files. With the RMS client-server architecture, operators and retail chains enjoy unique benefits provided by RMS servers with central control, timely device updates, monitoring and reporting, as required for carrier-grade services.

In addition to the store PC installation as offered in previous versions, one major addition in RMS 4.0 is an operation from a tablet-sized touch-screen online terminal called "Talisman", powered by FutureDial's advanced technology. With a stylish design, Talisman is an easy-to-deploy option for special "mobile personalization" services that have become strategically important and increasingly popular at many newly renovated stores run by operators and retail chains. Store staff can directly connect Talisman to hundreds of mobile handset models to provide rapid revenue-generating services. The new user-friendly interface provides easy and guided navigation that requires minimum staff training. It can also be provisioned as a customer self-service kiosk.

The release of RMS 4.0 also marks the first time in the industry that a wireless store can conveniently sell new mobile content directly to end users and directly download the purchased content onto the mobile phone in the store. A new RMS feature, "Buy Content", allows retailers to sell user-selected content from an integrated online content site, right at store counter. RMS is designed for easy integration with third-party content catalogues and the feature opens a new door for wireless operators, retailers, and content providers to capture a significant up-sell opportunity at the time a new phone is being purchased.

"The RMS 4.0 helps generate much-needed new revenues for stores at the point-of-sale, such as mobile personalization services and content sales", said Shu Gan, FutureDial's president. "Our solution can be easily integrated with IT systems run by operators and retailers, or offered in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS) on a stand-alone system. Whatever the requirements, we remain flexible and innovative to meet the needs of our customers."

FutureDial is showcasing RMS 4.0 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (Feb 16-19, 2009) at its booth 2.1A70.

About FutureDial

FutureDial is a leading provider of mobile content management solutions to mobile operators enabling various revenue-generating services like phone-to-phone transfer, backup, restore, and content sales at retail shops. FutureDial's pioneering web-based solutions support audio, video, images, contacts, calendar, and SMS over 1000+ handset models. Used by Tier-1 carriers across Europe and the USA at retail stores, service centers, and warehouses serving millions of users worldwide. For more information about FutureDial and its products, please visit

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