Software allows enterprise-wide data collection and sharing.

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Developed using .NET framework, X/DC NT/Windows 2000-based message routing system is XML-based, table-driven, and object oriented. It consists of Portable Client Design Tool, X/DC Communications and X/DC Server. X/DC accepts data on real-time basis through sources ranging from bar code readers to Web servers to business applications, and validates data immediately against business application and host database, ensuring accuracy.

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Radley Corporation Makes Seamless Integration A Reality

X/DC allows end users, integrators and VARs to develop applications that collect, transfer data across the business enterprise

Southfield, MI - September 4, 2002 - Radley Corporation, a software development company specializing in automatics identification and data collection (AIDC) and EDI solutions, today announced the introduction of X/DC. X/DC is the first, truly seamless integration product for automatically collecting and sharing data enterprise-wide.

Radley's X/DC AIDC development environment was designed to meet the requirements of today's manufacturers as they search for products that are open, flexible, multi-platform and leading-edge, while providing a common platform to support evolving standards and architectures. Developed using the .NET framework, X/DC is an NT/Windows 2000-based message routing system that is XML-based, table-driven, and object oriented. It accepts data on a real-time basis through a myriad of sources ranging from bar code readers to Web servers to business applications, and validates the data immediately against the business application and host database, ensuring accuracy.

Three components, one solution

X/DC is made up of three main components: Portable Client Design Tool, X/DC Communications and X/DC Server.

Portable Client Design Tool is a Visual Basic design tool. The client program generated by the design tool runs on Pocket PC, Windows CE/NT/2000, Web browsers, DOS, Telnet, UNIX/Linux and proprietary operating systems. Once created, the program is automatically compiled to the selected target device(s). This means a single program is maintained for multiple device types or architectures.

X/DC Communications includes TCP/IP communications, Web server
framework, Web Services support and a monitor program that starts, stops and monitors application processes running within X/DC. X/DC Communications manages the validation and transaction flow between devices, as well as X/DC server routing of inbound and outbound XML messages to the appropriate location.

X/DC Server includes the integration shell, label facility, and
security and administration functions for security set-up, transaction history, message maintenance, device configuration and more. The label facility supports IntelliLabel, which creates an accurate and detailed status of a container/pallet from the scan of one serial number. IntelliLabeling provides X/DC with the capability to streamline input and intelligently track containers/pallets from receiving to manufacturing to shipping.

What it supports - everything!

The commitment to providing a product that truly lives up to the
promise of integrating seamlessly is evident in what Radley X/DC

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Progress, Access Data input sources: Data collection devices, Web browsers, RFID, Scales, PLCs Operating systems: Pocket PC/Windows CE, Intermec proprietary, Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Web Browser, UNIX, Linux, DOS, Telnet Client Architectures: Client/server, Web server, batch, terminal emulation (TE)

Total connection, total support

Though often promised, seamless integration is rarely delivered. With Radley's X/DC, developed specifically for AIDC environments, the promise is delivered through a robust product and Radley Corporation's total support commitment.

Radley Corporation, founded in 1974, is a U.S.-based software
development firm focused exclusively on EDI and barcode data collection solutions. Its products are integrated with some of the most popular ERP solutions available on the market.

Radley provides its products directly, as well as through system
integrators and value added resellers (VARs). It will also provide sales, installation, training and ongoing support of its entire product line as well as professional consulting services to assist in all phases of the implementation process. For more information about Radley Corporation and its products, visit

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