Software aids risk assessment and safety management.

Press Release Summary:

CIRSMA v4.0.0 helps target systems that pose highest risk in order to develop and implement remediation plans. Accessed via UI with inactive record indicators and search capability, software offers risk assessment features such as color-coded residual risk indicator, residual risk summary, and drag-and-drop hazard zone re-sequencing. Safety management features include calendar for scheduling and training, notifications for task/training reminders, and continuous training evaluation.

Original Press Release:

CIRSMA Risk Assessment and Safety Management Version 4.0.0

Industrial Safety Integration is proud to announce the release of CIRSMA Version 4.0.0.
At Industrial Safety Integration we believe that continuous improvement is an integral part of risk reduction and safety management. We strive to meet our continuous improvement goals by looking for improvement opportunities and soliciting feedback from our client base. In short, your goals are our goals. This philosophy helps to ensure that both Industrial Safety Integration and our clients remain on the leading edge of risk assessment and safety management thereby constantly enabling the reduction of workplace injuries.

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Some of the new features available with the latest release:
User interface features
- New User Configurable Menu Icons
- Dockable Toolbars
- Pinned Explorer and Report Toolbars
- Inactive Record Indicators
- Improved Search Capability
- Linked Document Preview

Risk assessment features
- Colour Coded Residual Risk Indicator
- Residual Risk Summary
- Drag and Drop to Re-sequence Hazard Zones
- New Performance Selections ISO 13949-1:1999, EN 954-1:1997
- Additional Safety Element Field
- Additional Reference Standards

Safety management features
- Calendar for Scheduling
- Task Reminders Notifications
- Training Reminders Notifications
- Training Scheduled in Calendar
- Continuous Training Evaluation

CIRSMA system features
- Database Selection and Check on Startup
- Floating Licenses
- MS SQL Server Database Capability
- MS Vista(TM) Compatible
- Task Updates Using an SMTP Server

CIRSMA can provide a competitive advantage to facilities that are facing increased costs due to rising insurance premiums and lost production time. The CIRSMA safety management system will enable your company to target the systems that pose the highest degree of risk. This will allow remediation plans to be developed and implemented before an accident occurs.

Don't let hazards put your corporate viability at risk. Being on the leading edge of safety technology can help to enhance profitability in the future.

Why Perform a Comprehensive Risk Assessment?
Employee safety is primarily an employer responsibility. However, system designers and suppliers are obligated to assess the user's needs and to ensure that the design of the work, product, system, or process is consistent with the user's needs and can be used safely.

Risk Assessment can help to ensure that all parties understand their obligations and do their part to reduce workplace injuries.

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