Software aids management of warehouse labor and processes.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for unionized/non-unionized warehouses and distribution centers, R-Labor v9 delivers tools, information, and insight needed to run efficient and effective operations. It includes interfaces to support SAP WM and other warehouse systems as well as options for sending array of planned and completed work records from WMS to R-Labor. Scorecard reports provide input to labor incentive plans, and R-Labor can be used with Benchmark standards.

Original Press Release:

Robocom Delivers on the Promise of Capturing Labor Productivity: Launches Upgrade to Labor Management Solution

Farmingdale, NY/Markham, ON - October 8, 2008 - Robocom Systems International announced today a new release of its Labor Management System, R-Labor. With the release of R-Labor v9, formerly known as Warehouse PLUS, Robocom continues to build on its strong engineering capability while delivering impressive labor cost savings in unionized and non-unionized warehouses and distribution centers.

"Today's announcement is the culmination of nearly a year's worth of focused work with a number of key Robocom customers to define, build, test and implement improvements and enhancements to R-Labor," said Fred Radcliffe, President. "Robocom is keenly focused on the needs of the business leaders held accountable for the day-to-day demands of supply chain execution. We believe that the increased capabilities of RLabor v9 will deliver to those managers and supervisors the tools, information and insight they need to run more efficient and effective distribution operations."

A few of the functional highlights of R-Labor v9 include:
o Upgraded interfaces to support SAP WM and other warehouse systems
o Expanded options for sending an extensive array of planned and completed work records from the WMS to R-Labor
o Updated scorecard reports to provide improved input to labor incentive plans
o New option to use R-Labor with Benchmark standards, as an alternative to the traditional Engineered Standards. Benchmark standards can be created and implemented quickly and inexpensively, making R-Labor a valuable tool for operations with less than 50 employees
o New and enhanced standards audit tools for engineers making it easier to tune engineered and benchmark standards based on actual operating data.

Due to Robocom's work with existing customers in defining the next generation of Labor Management Software R-Labor is currently operating in customer sites supporting fresh and frozen meats, dry grocery and confectionary products. Feedback from Robocom customers is that the supervisor functions are easier to use and productivity gains have produced impressive paybacks.

Fred Radcliffe continued on to say, "One aspect of R-Labor v9 that we are very excited about is ability of R-Labor to support a labor management solution using either Engineered Standards or Benchmark Standards. The larger warehouse operations will realize the greatest benefits from an Engineered Standards implementation while midsized operations will be able to implement a cost effective solution using the Benchmark Standards. We believe that this new capability is unique in the industry."

Robocom's R-Labor labor management solution was first released in 1992, and since that time has been continually enhanced to in order to meet the increasing demands and requirements of distribution center and warehouse operations.

Fred Radcliffe continued on to say "We are very fortunate to have key customers work with us to identify and define the enhancements and additional functionality that will help them to continue to capture productivity gains in their operations. There is no substitute for building functionality to meet customers' needs. We are confident that R-Labor will help our customers deliver on the promise of productivity gains."

About Robocom Systems International - Robocom is a leading supplier of supply chain software and services, founded in 1982, with offices in New York, Toronto, Minneapolis and Europe. Robocom's core products include industry-specific Warehouse Management Systems, a Transportation Management System, a separate Voice Picking Module and a Labor Management System. We enhance, implement and support robust, flexible, and efficient software that performs as predicted and yields the positive business results your enterprise demands.

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