Software addresses order book and market depth data.

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Able to analyze market data with under 100 µsec of latency, Exegy Ticker Plant v2.0 offers level II functionality for accelerated analysis of order books and market depth. Hardware-accelerated application also offers access to North American and European exchange data. Add-on framework allows customizable analytics, including arbitrage calculator, and consolidated exchange market data in virtual order book can be arranged side-by-side or in price-aggregated view.

Original Press Release:

Exegy Ticker Plant 2.0 Introduces First Hardware-Accelerated Ticker Plant for Order Book Data

ST. LOUIS, Sept. 12 - Exegy, the innovative technology company, announced today that it is providing market data users with the first ever hardware-accelerated ticker plant that addresses order book and market depth data.

With this fall's introduction of Exegy Ticker Plant 2.0, Exegy is offering

- level II functionality, which allows fast analysis of order books and market depth
- access to North American and European exchange data
- an add-on framework that allows customizable analytics, including a sophisticated arbitrage calculator

This latest update to the Exegy Ticker Plant also consolidates exchange market data into a virtual order book allowing customers to focus on all relevant orders side by side or arrange the orders into a price-aggregated view.

And now that the Exegy Ticker Plant 2.0 includes level 2 feed handlers, customers will be able to analyze market data from ARCA (NYSE OrderBook), NYSE OpenBook, Toronto (OrderBook), NASDAQ Totalview, Euronext level 2 and Frankfurt/Xetra level 2 in a single Exegy appliance with under 100 microseconds of latency.

To make the Exegy Ticker Plant 2.0 even more attractive to those who want a competitive advantage, Exegy has built the new ticker plant with an add-on framework that supports optional modules such as index arbitrage calculations and options analytics - all without impacting performance.

"Customers were asking for exactly this - a hardware-accelerated system that could deliver market-leading speed and throughput with the ability to add custom functionality in a single appliance," says Scott Parsons, Exegy's chief scientist and architect. "So our team responded quickly."

Parsons noted that Exegy's technology is built in-house with a dedicated team committed to deploying the latest technologies to create market-leading solutions for our customers.

"Our team is focused on staying ahead of the technology curve, responding to our customers' needs so our customers can maintain their competitive advantage," says Exegy Chairman Jim O'Donnell. "We hire the best, and they continue to deliver the best Ticker Plant out there."

Parsons will participate in a panel at the 2007 High Performance on Wall Street conference ( at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York on Sept. 17. Called "Implementing Hardware Accelerated Applications for Market Data and Financial Computations," the panel will examine how hardware acceleration technologies, such as FPGAs, can be leveraged by financial markets, ISVs and end users to provide the compute power required for processing high volume market data, and financial computations in real time.

About Exegy, Inc.:

Exegy, Inc. provides the financial services industry extremely fast and flexible solutions to search, analyze and process massive amounts of real-time and historical market data. For more information, please visit or stop by Exegy's booth #312 at the 2007 High Performance on Wall Street.

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