Softscape Announces Next Generation Hiring Management System

New Level of Configurability Goes Beyond Any Other Available System

WAYLAND, Mass.--Softscape, the industry pioneer in innovative people management, today announced its next generation hiring management system designed to offer customers unprecedented flexibility to manage every aspect of hiring. The application, which is fully integrated into the company's Softscape Apex human capital management (HCM) platform, offers customers a new level of configurability to match their existing recruiting and hiring processes. New configuration options span workflows, menus, forms, appearance, and security for requisition management, approvals, job postings, referral tracking, job profile templates, skill assessments, evaluation criteria, offer management, and localization. Hiring Management, like all Softscape products can be deployed On-Demand, On-Premise, or purchased and hosted by Softscape.

"The hiring process is so specific to each company, that trying to build the perfect mouse trap is just a mistake," said Christopher Faust, EVP Global Strategy, Softscape. "Every customer is unique and needs solutions that match their processes, not a vendor's. Softscape's approach to Hiring Management, like our approach to all HCM functions, is to tightly integrate across all talent management functions and make each application component highly configurable to meet the needs of any customer, without the need to customize."

Softscape's Hiring Management module also goes further than typical recruiting systems by helping organizations more clearly define what it takes to be successful in any given role. At the core of the Hiring Management module is Softscape's unique Job Profiler, which provides easy-to-use wizards that help managers define very detailed selection criteria, beyond the requisition and job description. Detailed criteria include identifying key competencies, critical experiences, behaviors, professional skills, goals to be achieved, key performance indicators (KPIs) to be measured, and organizational and cultural fit. This new level of job profiling gets to the heart of essential criteria and enables organizations to better match candidates to jobs.

The complete hiring system includes functions for:

o Job Profiler

Defines top performer criteria and selection criteria across a full spectrum of requirements

o Requisition Management

Configurable workflow management for the creation and approval of job orders

o Advanced Skill Search

Search across existing employees, as well as current candidates, from single database

o Job Posting

Streamlines the posting to third party job boards

o Applicant Pre-screening & Tracking

Enables recruiters and hiring managers to filter applicants and prioritize top candidates

o Interview Scheduling

Enables recruiters and hiring managers to schedule interviewing teams, and even coordinate specific question focus for each interviewer

o Interview Questions

Hundreds of behavioral-based interviewing questions to prepare interviewers before meeting candidates

o Candidate Assessments

Provides consistent evaluation format to more clearly compare candidates specifically to job profile and selection criteria

o Multi-interviewer Feedback

Gathers results from multiple interviewers and provides comprehensive reporting for complete candidate evaluation
o Integrated Across Complete HCM Spectrum

The Hiring Management module is also inherently linked with other modules across the Softscape Apex HCM platform including performance management, goal management, competency management, succession planning, learning management, compensation planning, workforce planning, HR management, and workforce analytics. Customers benefit from this tight integration by enabling managers to leverage candidate assessments completed during the hiring process to define the new employee's initial talent profile. This can reveal any skill gaps in order to prioritize development needs at on-boarding, accelerate goal setting with KPI metrics for annual performance reviews, provide the basis for future skill assessments, and measure effectiveness of the recruiting and hiring processes.

In addition, Softscape Apex provides sophisticated manager tools that span all modules to monitor employee skills and assess how employees match or differ from the defined job profiles over time. This capability provides managers advanced warning to improve skills or redefine the success metrics, while also helping to improve manager skills in managing teams.

The one-to-one matching of job profile to talent profile enables:

o Managers to quickly identify employee skill gaps

o Employees to define and execute development plans in real-time

o Managers to validate job profiles based on both historical records and assessments of employee job performance

o Managers to effectively determine if team members can be developed to updated profiles

o Managers to improve overall hiring processes and accuracy

"Softscape offers customers a single, highly configurable HR platform from which to manage the entire employee life-cycle," said Dave Watkins, CEO, Softscape. "We continue to work closely with customers developing innovative new approaches to effectively manage HR processes. Softscape's next generation Hiring Management represents our long-term commitment to customers to support their holistic view of talent management."

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