Soft Magnetic Alloy Strips increase power in generators.

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Hiperco® 50 and Hiperco® 50-HS, available in widths to 12½ in. and thickness to 0.020 in., enable engineers to configure larger components in integral units and reduce need for segmented laminations. Both models are iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic materials and exhibit magnetic saturation of 24 kilogauss. When annealed at 1,328° to 1,354°F for 2 hr, original alloy provides room temperature yield strength of 448 MPa, while HS companion alloy provides 620 MPa.

Original Press Release:

Wider Soft Magnetic Alloy Strip to Boost New High-Power Generators, Magnetic Bearings

Wyomissing, PA, USA (October 12, 2004) -- Wider strip of a critical soft magnetic alloy from Carpenter Technology Corporation offers manufacturers of new-generation, high-speed electrical motors, generators, alternators and magnetic bearings the opportunity to increase power and reduce weight.

Carpenter expects its Hiperco(R) 50 alloy and Hiperco(R) 50-HS alloy strip variation, in widths now available up to 12½-in. (320 mm) and thickness of 0.020-in.(0.5 mm) and under, to give engineers the design flexibility to make larger devices. Typical applications include aerospace power generators and magnetic bearings.

The new wide strip is expanded from an industry maximum 10-in. width, which will enable designers to configure larger components in integral units, reducing the need for segmented laminations. Laminations for rotors and stators are generally produced by stamping, laser cutting or wire electrical discharge machining.

Hiperco 50 alloy is well known for its high magnetic saturation. Its companion grade, Hiperco 50-HS alloy, has higher yield strength that may be needed for either power generation or magnetic bearing applications where rotational speeds are exceedingly high.

Both alloy variations are iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic materials, which exhibit magnetic saturation of about 24 kilogauss, high D. C. maximum permeability and low D.C. coercive field strength. A.C. core loss is low in the basic grade, moderate in the higher-strength alloy.

When annealed at 720°C to 740°C (1328°F to 1354°F) for about two hours, the original alloy provides a room temperature yield strength of 448 MPa (65 ksi). The HS companion alloy provides room temperature yield strength of 620 MPa (90 ksi) when similarly processed. Both grades have a nominal composition of 2% vanadium, 48.5% cobalt and balance iron, with a small amount of niobium 0.05% for the basic alloy and 0.30% for the HS grade.

More information about the new wide strip can be obtained from Doug Dietrich at phone: (610) 208-2334, or e-mail For technical data on this alloy and other Carpenter alloys visit Carpenter's free online technical database at

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