Sof-Top(TM) Grippers and other Unique Workholding Technologies @ Westec 2010

Fixtureworks(TM) (Fraser, MI), manufacturer and supplier of workholding, fixturing and positioning technologies, as well as material handling components, brings its array of clamps, fixturing accessories and machine tool components to Booth #2019 for the 2010 WESTEC Show, March 23-25, 2010 in Los Angeles. The display of products to be shown, demonstrates the ability for OEM, machine, forming and fabricating shops to design and build application-specific fixtures with the economics and quick availability of standard, off-the-shelf parts and hardware-all from a single-source. The 20,000 plus products from Fixtureworks include product from world-leading workholding companies...Fairlane® Products, Imao®, Kipp®, OkoVise®, Mitee-Bite® and Modern Industries.

One of the featured, new products will be Sof-Top(TM) Urethane Grippers from Fairlane® Products. The non-marking, non-staining Sof-Top grippers feature a bubbled urethane surface that provides superior non-slip grip. The "bubbled" texture of the urethane top offers firm holding and allows air to escape so no suction is created between the contact surface and the top of the rest pad as it is compressed. The urethane surface which offers superior abrasion and wear resistance, is available in three durometers (strength ratings).

Sof-Top grippers are available in several sizes and mounting configurations to meet a wide array of application needs...fixed gripper, replaceable swivel ball, and thrust screw assembly. With the fixed gripper configuration, the urethane surface is permanently bonded to a 300 series stainless steel pad. They are blind-hole tapped for back side mounting and are offered in sizes ranging from 5/16" to 1" (8-25 mm). The replaceable swivel ball configuration, available in sizes from 3/8" to 5/16" (10-24 mm), features a cylindrical body that allows for installation in tight areas. The replaceable ball swivels to allow for self-alignment on uneven surfaces. The thrust screw assembly configuration, available in sizes from 3/8" to 5/16", allows straight-line static load thrust without transmitting torsional or radial force to the contact area.

In addition to Sof-Top urethane grippers, also on exhibit will be Fairlane® Products full line of grippers, rest pads, Swivots® swivel/pivoting positioning components, Quick Release ball-lock pins, rollers and bumpers; Kipp® spring plungers, rest and riser pads, levers, handles, knobs, and handwheels; Imao® clamps, supports and stops, risers, T-nuts, sliding mounts, springs, grid plates and blocks; OK-Vise® single and double wedge clamp designs; Mitee-Bite® low-profile edge clamps; and Modern Industries mPower(TM) product line which includes quick change precision locating and mounting systems and modular tooling, plates and columns.

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