Socionext to Showcase Advanced Image and Sensor Technologies for Aerial Drones at InterDrone Show in Las Vegas Sep. 7-9

Robust, Single-Chip 24GHz Radar to be Featured at Booth 105 in Demonstrations of Imaging and Radar Solutions for Drone Applications

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Socionext America Inc., a leading total solutions provider for UAVs, will demonstrate its innovative IC technologies for drone applications at the annual International Drone Conference Exhibition at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas Sep. 7-9.

In booth 105 at the expo, Socionext will feature a 24GHz radar which allows for ease of integration with a wide range of safety features ideal for drones including collision avoidance and object detection. The company will also demonstrate an aerial drone using the company's small profile, high-performance Milbeaut™ image processor with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), and a 360-degree wrap-around video imaging technology. The 360-degree wraparound video uses three-dimensional algorithms to smoothly combine images from multiple cameras, delivering a clear, seamless surround view. The drone will simultaneously capture live videos projected on to a display monitor at the booth.

Socionext's MB86S27 image processor combines with drone technology developed by FotoNation's EIS technology to deliver outstanding video image stabilization and dramatically extended drone flight times with far lower power consumption than rival solutions.

Single-Chip 24GHz RF Radar from Socionext

The company will feature MN87900, a 24GHz radar solution suitable for unmanned aerial flying vehicles such as drones. The 24GHz radar uses a simple SPI interface for connecting to most digital systems. The module incorporates excellent analog capabilities in a tiny 12mm x 7mm system. Along with the hardware, a simple API system was developed to support the designs of CW, FSKCW, and FMCW mode capabilities to provide distance, direction, and relative velocity information for objects up to 30 meters away with radome/horn, a metal shield that narrows the field of view (FOV) and increases detection range.

Socionext's 24GHz radar is compatible with a microcontroller to provide application level information on an object's distance, direction, and relative velocity.

With the robust 24GHz radar, the range measurement software solution, and time-proven engineering expertise in radar technology, Socionext provides a full solution to drone makers, OEMs and developers.

24GHz Radar - MN87900

The single-chip 24GHz radar comes with a variable-frequency transmitter and an ultra-high sensitivity radio wave receiver. This module has 3 sensing modes (CW, FSKCW, and FMCW mode) for detecting stationary or moving objects and measuring the distance.

Key Features:

High-performance clutter cancellation function for preventing direct leakage of transmission wave, enabling highly accurate motion sensing

Automatic components and temperature adjustment functions for detecting variation in transmission power, receiver gain, and other parameters

The 24GHz radar features the following specifications:

Variable frequency width: 24.15±0.1 GHz

Sensing mode: CW, FSKCW, FMCW (moving or stationary)

Transmission Power: 0.8mW

Detection of motion direction: Up to 220 km/h

Fast frequency pull-in: 100 µs

Automatic adjustment: Built-in initial adjustment function (e.g., adjustment of RC for filter)

Power supply voltage: 2.5V

Current consumption: 200mA

Module size: 12mm x 7mm x 1mm

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