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With kSuite DataMine(TM) option, kSuite equips data analysts with tool to help social gaming/mobile app developers engage and monetize users. Analysts gain full access to user data for exploration without additional in-house infrastructure. With basic knowledge of SQL, users can ask questions, test hypotheses, and examine data in any way to uncover information that can be used to help prevent churn, drive in-app engagement, maximize virtual goods sales, and analyze user cohorts over time.

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Kontagent's New 'kSuite DataMine(TM)' Changes Social/Mobile Analytics Game for App Developers

Turnkey, Hosted Data Mining Tool Empowers Analysts to Deep Dive into Acquisition, Engagement and Monetization Data

SAN FRANCISCO -- Kontagent today enhanced its flagship kSuite social/mobile analytics platform with an industry-first, hosted, out-of-the-box data mining option equipping data analysts with unlimited query powers to help social gaming and mobile app developers better engage and monetize users. The new option - kSuite DataMine(TM) - adds an entirely new level of flexibility and power to the kSuite analytics platform by providing analysts with full access to their user data for exploration without additional in-house infrastructure or engineering investments.

Available as an add-on monthly subscription to kSuite with all setup handled by Kontagent, the new DataMine feature enables big data exploration not found in any other app analytics solution delivered over the cloud. The previous version of the kSuite platform provided C-levels, marketers, producers and developers with access to critical metrics they needed to make data-driven decisions. Now, with DataMine, Kontagent provides analysts and business intelligence professionals at these organizations with access to the data they need as well. Together, the platform now provides an "end-to-end" solution that empowers Kontagent customers with data and insights that are easily accessible by the entire organization.

Equipped with DataMine and basic knowledge of SQL, analysts now have free rein to ask questions, test hypotheses, and slice and dice data in any way they wish to uncover information that can be used to help prevent churn, drive in-app engagement, maximize virtual goods sales, analyze user cohorts over time, and more. DataMine makes it possible to answer questions such as:

-- What last three actions did users take before they uninstalled or failed to return?
-- What last five behaviors did users exhibit before purchasing virtual goods?
-- What are the purchase habits of my highest-value gamers or users?
-- Who are my most viral users, and how can I use that information to attract more of them?
-- What unusual spending patterns or other behaviors signal the presence of fraud or other anomalies?

"We've been able to use kSuite DataMine to analyze the KPI impact of even the smallest features and tests," said Miles Lennon, VP Product Management at GameGround, a Beta customer of DataMine. "kSuite DataMine enables us to tune our game mechanics and balance our economy with increased precision."

"Until now, data mining in our market has been largely unaffordable. You had to build or license expensive proprietary software, buy the servers, load the data, and hire engineers to maintain the database. With the kSuite DataMine solution, we are literally changing the game as well as dramatically reducing costs by providing a turnkey, 100% hosted solution with no customer overhead whatsoever," said Jeff Tseng, Kontagent Co-Founder and CEO.

Tseng adds, "Our kSuite dashboard still answers hundreds of common questions that can drive better design, marketing and business decisions, but now you can also ask your own questions quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Under the hood, we use the same technology that Facebook uses to mine their own vast database. No other social/mobile analytics platform offers this power or competitive advantage."

The newest release of kSuite also adds the kSuite Processed Data API, which enables key metrics generated by the Kontagent platform to be integrated into custom tables, spreadsheets or other applications for more flexible, granular analysis. With the ability to automatically refresh the processed data and metrics, analysts can gain insights more quickly without having to manually pull and export their data sets into third-party tools. DataMine, the new API and other upcoming "beyond-the-dashboard" upgrades are all designed to provide new capabilities to analysts and business intelligence professionals.

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About Kontagent

Kontagent is the leading enterprise user analytics platform for social and mobile application developers, marketers and producers. Kontagent tracks more than 1,000 applications, over 150 million monthly active users, and in excess of 50 billion events each month for customers around the globe. The company's proprietary platform, kSuite, has been built from the ground up to harness deep data pattern visualization and analysis that provides customers with valuable, actionable insights. Armed with this data, and combined with Kontagent's team of data scientists, customers have the power to better measure and optimize their customer economics and build more profitable enterprises. Founded in 2007, the company is headquartered in San Francisco with additional offices in Toronto and London. For more information, visit

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