SMT LED Indicator Assemblies offer quick installation.

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Offering individual display station design with 4-8 tier elevations, SHA Series features internal adaptor board and card edge connector for surface-mounted assembly applications. Each tier spaces LED indicators uniformly at 0.200 in. centers for standard elevation consistency; 8-tier assembly measures 1.620 in. high. Offered in standard and custom configurations, RoHS-compliant products are offered with choice of LED types, colors, and viewing angles.

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Bivar Introduces SMT Version of Multi-Tier LED Indicator Assemblies Featuring Quick Installation with Added Flexibility

New Patent-Pending design features internal adaptor board and Industry-Standard Card Edge Connector for surface-mounted assembly applications.

Irvine, CA, April 4, 2007- Bivar's Optoelectronics Business Unit has introduced a new patent-pending, Multi-Tier LED Indicator Assembly, considered the first of its type for surface mount applications. The new SHA Series offers an individual display station design from 4 to 8 tier elevations making the new design ideal for use in servers, data terminals, test equipment, instrumentation, audio & video equipment, communication equipment, industrial controls, medical equipment, computer peripherals and a wide variety of status indication applications.

An internal circuit board construction adapts reliable connection from T-1 LEDs to the signal interface while providing the flexibility for the designers to work on any configurations they need. Redesign could also be easily done without any costly rework on the main PCB. The included surface-mountable (SMT) card edge connector makes the soldering assembly work quick and easy by simply adding one more SMT component to the automatic Pick-n-Place process. Secondary wave soldering or hand soldering is no longer needed for your Multi-Tier LED Indicator assemblies.

The SHA Series offers a "designer's choice" of industry's most popular LEDs where any combination of colors can be selected, including blue and white, in ranges from 430 to 655 nm peak wave lengths, in GaN/SIC, GaP/GaP, GaAsP/GaP, and GaAs)/GaAs materials based on color choice. A two-lead bi-color option is also available. Lens appearance is either water clear, diffused or tinted based on color selections. Viewing angles range from 30º to 45º ± 1/2º.

The SHA Series is available with protruded T-1 (3mm) LEDs within the molded Nylon holder to provide versatile display options for the designer, completely housed in a slim-profile housing only 0.170" (4.3mm) wide and 0.850" (21.8mm) in depth. Each tier spaces the LED indicators uniformly at 0.200" (5.1mm) centers for standard elevation consistency. An 8-tier assembly measures only 1.620" (41.1mm) in height. The SHA LED assembly is provided with the industry-standard SMT card edge connector, packed separately.

Thomas Silber, Bivar President and CEO, stated, "The SHA Series significantly broadens Bivar's Opto Assembly family with the addition of this industry-leading design". He further stated, "We believe this design will contribute to the integration and support of LED technology for OEMs and is another example of Bivar packaging innovation to further streamline the manufacturing process."

The SHA Series is manufactured in compliance with RoHS specifications to meet the growing global emphasis on environmental responsibility. Standard configurations will be immediately available from stock. Custom configurations or special assemblies are available (consult factory). For more information, contact Bivar, Inc. at 1-800-772-2377, or visit

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