SMT Assembly System suits high-mix production facilities.

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Model SM320 achieves placement rates up to 18,500 cph with 1,505 m accuracy and up to 5,500 cph at 1,305 m for QFPs and BGAs. It features twin-servo motor design, automatic mapping, and component handling range from 01005 through 55 mm². Advanced Flying Vision aligns components in transit from feeder to board, eliminating need for intermediate stop at fixed vision system. Tape feeder handles EIA 481 tapes sizes and holds maximum of 120 eight millimeter feeders.

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SM320 Delivers Speed and Precision for Pick-and-Place Dynatech Technologies Introduces Samsung Assembly System at APEX 2005

ANAHEIM, CA Feb. 24, 2005 - Busy high-mix production facilities can have both speed and precision with the SM320 SMT Assembly System, introduced today by Samsung Techwin and Dynatech Technology at APEX 2005. Designed to achieve placement rates up to 18,500 cph with 1505m accuracy and up to 5,500 cph (based on IPC 9850) at 1305m for QFPs and BGA's, the new system uses a robust frame and gantry system featuring a twin-servo motor design to provide the stability necessary to achieve extremely accurate placements at increased speeds. Automatic mapping enables the SM320 to respond quickly to changes in the working environment, allowing your facility to gain more production and maintain high levels of quality. With a component handling range from 01005 through 55mm2, the SM320 fits into any production line.

"The SM320 is a welcomed addition for assemblers facing the pressure to produce more product and deliver faster," said Mike Foster, Director of Sales, Dynatech Technology. "In too many cases, they have been faced with choosing either speed or accuracy when making a capital investment, knowing a sacrifice would come back to haunt them down the road. Now, they can get more speed and accuracy in a single system and get a faster return and better service life out of their investment."

The SM320 augments the twin servo capability with Samsung's Advanced Flying Vision, a true on the fly alignment and centering system. The Advanced Flying Vision system aligns components in transit from the feeder to the board, eliminating the need for an intermediate stop at a fixed vision system. At the same time, the system identifies the leads of the component to ensure accurate placement. This reduces the risk of missing bent or damaged leads, which go undetected when aligning solely on the body of the device.

The SM320's slim format tape feeder system is designed and built to handle industry standard EIA 481 tape sizes, holds a maximum of 120 8mm feeders. The tape feeder monitors the inventory on its supply reel, allowing it to notify the operator before replenishment is needed. A one-touch clamping feature allows users to replace tape feeders during operations to maximize productivity, while the system's endless-discharge method for non-stop operation provides efficiency, reliability and repeatability of component pickups. Operators can choose to splice a new reel of components to the existing feeder without interrupting production. The SM feeder is available in both standard and intelligent IQ configurations.

The SM320 operates under Windows XP, which is intuitive for most operators and requires little or no training. This standard, easy-to-use interface allows machine operators to concentrate on the assembly process without worrying about how use the software.

Built-in Optimizer software ensures high-efficiency machine operation by automatically optimizing the placement sequence. The optional EasyOLP line balancing software increases overall line productivity by balancing feeders across multiple assembly system while optimizing placement routines.

Dynatech Technology, based in Horsham, PA, was formed by Dynatech International as the exclusive North American distributor for the sales and service of Samsung Techwin SMT equipment. The company is a subsidiary of Dynatech International, Edgewood, NY, a 25-year-old company and established ISO-9001 distributor of Samsung Techwin aerospace spare parts and logistics. Dynatech International's other subsidiary companies are Dynatech Turbine Services and Dynatech Engineering. Dynatech Technology, Inc., 103 Rock Road, Horsham, PA 19044 Tel: 215-675-3566 Fax. 215-675-4259

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