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SMS/Voice Alarm Controller affords centralized, remote monitoring.

Press Release Summary:

Apr 21, 2014 - Supporting simple commands and SMS tunneling functions, SMS-534 enables remote monitoring and control of alarm systems from any location. This intelligent 3G SMS/Voice alarm controller, powered by external power or Lithium battery, allows critical alarm information to be sent to any number of mobile phones. Along with RS-485 and RS-232 communications, support covers UNICODE or 7 bit formatting, ASCII automatic identification and SMS settings and controls, and audio alarms.

Original Press Release

ICP DAS USA, Inc. Introduces Intelligent 3G SMS/Voice Alarm Controller

Press release date: Apr 15, 2014

ICP DAS USA, Inc. introduces SMS-534, an intelligent 3G SMS / Voice alarm controller for industrial applications.  It allows you to remotely monitor and control alarm systems from any location.  You can send out critical alarm information to any number of mobile phones.

SMS-534 supports simple commands and SMS tunneling functions and can be powered by external power or a Lithium battery.  It is communicable over RS-485 and RS-232. SMS-534 supports UNICODE or 7 bit format, allowing users to send SMS messages in various languages. It also supports the sending of sound alarms via pre-defined voice files.

SMS-534 supports ASCII automatic identification and SMS settings and controls so it can send SMS messages with simple commands.  It also comes with a 4G micro SD card for data logging. The DTMF function of SMS-534 is for the applications with the keypad of phones to control the local I/O. In addition, with ICP DAS SMS DBS software, users can centrally manage SMS-534 from a PC.

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