Smoke Detectors support 2 heads in and 2 sets of relays out.

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Featuring motorized, auto align, self-correcting optical beam, Fireray 5000 Series delivers wide area coverage for large indoor spaces. Contractors can install up to 2 detector heads reporting to single ground level controller. Each detector configures independently and maintains its own range, fire obscuration threshold, and fire/fault delay settings. Capable of storing up to 50 detector events including alarms, service, and power on/off, event log aids in trouble shooting and forensics.

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Fire Fighting Enterprises Upgrades Fireray 5000 Line

Changes to popular system save time and money

Erlanger, Kentucky — The Fireray 5000 optical beam smoke detector from Fire Fighting Enterprises (FFE) delivers wide area coverage for large indoor spaces with a motorized, auto align, self correcting beam smoke detector. With recent upgrades, contractors can now install up to two detector heads reporting to a single ground level controller. With two independent sets of output relays clearly indentifying the activated detector, time and cost for installation, wiring, and power supply are reduced.

In keeping with customer expectations since the Fireray 5000’s introduction, the primary upgrade was to change the In/Out configuration to two heads in, two sets of relays out. The system controller now offers one set of fire and fault relay contacts for each detector connected to that controller. Also, each detector configures independently and maintains its own range, fire obscuration threshold and fire/fault delay settings. Fully backwards compatible with existing systems, this revision also anticipates the industry move towards analog addressable configurations.

The Fireray 5000 now also includes a completely new event history log that is an industry first. Capable of storing up to 50 detector events including alarms, trouble, service and power on/off, the event log aids in trouble shooting and forensics.

Each detector head beam can be fully adjusted, controlled and annually tested from the low-level system controller. The detectors have a built in Laser Pointer which simplifies prism placement. The reduction in time of alignment and setup lowers installation time and labor costs. Enhanced communications circuits from the controller to the detector head eliminate the need for more costly shielded cable. With only one controller for two heads, the Fireray 5000’s current draw has been reduced to between 5.5 and 8mA, also saving on operating costs over the life of the system.

The Fireray 5000’s AGC (Automatic Gain Compensation) monitors and reacts to environmental changes such as dust accumulation. Its Auto-Optimize feature automatically self corrects, ensuring alignment of the infra-red beam with the reflective prism, even in the event of gradual building settling The need for costly, risky and time consuming re-alignment and maintenance from atop ladders or lifts is all but eliminated.

To request a demonstration of the new Fireray 5000 configuration, or discuss possible beam detection applications, contact the US sales office (; 940-271-0435, or visit the company’s website,

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With over 600,000 installations worldwide, FFE is the largest independent producer of infrared optical beam fire protection technology. The company offers the widest variety of technologies, including Reflective, End to End, and Explosion Proof beam detectors. Its products are ideally suited for wide-area coverage such as warehouses, factories, hotels, shopping centers, indoor parking garages, power stations and hazardous locations. The company also produces fire extinguishers for aviation use, and a range of vibration switches for industrial applications. A member of the multinational Halma group of safety and technology companies, FFE is headquartered in Hertfordshire, England.

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