SMI OEM Eye Tracking Empowers Converus' EyeDetect Lie Detection Technology

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and Converus announce that Converus has OEM'ed the SMI Eye Tracker for inclusion in EyeDetect - Converus' patent-pending solution for efficient and reliable detection of deception. Converus CEO cites SMI's RED-oem eye tracker's exceptional data quality as a key reason.

Utah-based deception detection technology company Converus has selected SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) eye tracking technology for inclusion in its soon-to-be-released EyeDetect product for reliable lie detection. SMI, a German-based company, develops and markets application-specific gaze and eye tracking systems in OEM eye tracking technology.

"The exceptional data quality of SMI's RED-oem eye tracker empowers EyeDetect to be an efficient, cost-effective and reliable deception detection tool for noninvasive screening of different subject groups in large enterprises, governmental institutions and law enforcement agencies," said Converus CEO and President Todd Mickelsen.

SMI's RED-oem is a miniaturized, high-performance remote eye tracking platform that allows OEM customers to integrate eye tracking technology with their own applications. EyeDetect is being launched in April, with Mexico as its first market. Businesses can use it for pre-employment and periodic employee screening. EyeDetect can help to discourage employees from accepting bribes, committing crimes, divulging confidential information, and using illegal drugs.

According to Mickelsen, deception causes subtle changes in the behavior of the human eye because it induces cognitive load. This change in cognitive load forces movement in the pupil of the eye. These movements can be as small as 1/10 of a millimeter. SMI's Eye Tracker captures these movements. EyeDetect is designed to track and measure a host of ocular metrics to assess the likelihood of deception while a person takes a computerized true/false test.

A test can be completed in 30-40 minutes. Upon completion of the test, the test data are uploaded to a secure server in the cloud. A report with detailed results is then generated in near real time. This report not only includes a "Credibility Index Score," but also provides details such as how a person responded to each question. Tests show Converus' EyeDetect successfully identifies deception with 85 percent accuracy.

"Converus has developed an exciting product showing the value eye tracking can add to commercial applications," said Director of SMI OEM Solutions Christian Villwock. "Our eye tracking technology is ideal for any application from gaze-based interaction up to scientific and medical products."

About SensoMotoric Instruments:

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) is a world leader in dedicated computer vision applications, developing and marketing eye & gaze tracking systems and OEM solutions for a wide range of applications such as marketing, human-computer-interfaces, ophthalmology, neurology, psychology, ergonomics and usability. SMI serves customers around the globe from offices in Teltow, near Berlin, Germany and Boston, USA, backed by a network of trusted local partners in many countries.

About Converus

Converus ("with truth") is committed to providing trustworthy, technological solutions for deception detection. EyeDetect™, a product 10 years in the making, is the first ocular-motor deception test (ODT) solution for deception detection. The same scientists credited with computerizing the polygraph in 1991 created it. EyeDetect is an accurate, cost-effective, efficient, secure, and noninvasive method for businesses to manage risk and ensure workplace integrity, and for law enforcement agencies and governments to detect deception. The company was formed in 2009 and is currently headquartered in Lehi, Utah, USA. For more information, visit

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