SMI and BIOPAC Connect Mobile Eye Tracking and Biosignals

BERLIN and GOLETA, California -

At the HFES conference, BIOPAC and SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) announce a mobile plug and play integration of physiological signals and eye tracking data captured during interactive real-world tasks

BIOPAC and SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) [ present a mobile plug and play integration of their established wearable solutions for eye tracking and physiological data registration. It allows researchers to synchronize gaze behavior captured with SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w [ and physiological signals recorded with the BIOPAC Nomadix wireless logger. The fully mobile co-registration allows researchers to analyze e.g. stress levels, emotional engagement and muscle activation during interactive real-world tasks. Both companies will demo the new possibilities for fields such as man-machine interaction in the work place, decision-making at the POS and hand-eye coordination in behavioral psychology at the SMI and BIOPAC booth at this week's HFES 2015 conference (Los Angeles, CA, USA, October 26- 30, 2015).

SMI's and BIOPAC's lightweight, wireless, wearable hardware solutions are the foundation for accurate synchronization with no compromise of mobility. The integration combines the data output of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w (ETG2w) and the BIOPAC Nomadix wireless logger in the analysis software AcqKnowledge. Synchronized direct gaze videos, raw eye tracking data and physiological data streams such as EMG, heart rate and skin conductance can be analyzed comprehensively with supporting visualizations. Based on eye tracking and physiological data, interest periods can be defined and selectively evaluated. Real-time clocks are utilized by the integration to accurately synchronize the data streams.

Wearable SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w come with a lightweight smart recorder based on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which enables participants to move naturally while performing interactive tasks. The recorder supports wireless data access for fully mobile co-registration. With dedicated modules, the ETG2w also allows for synchronization in VR environments.

The mobile SMI/BIOPAC integration adds to the range of capabilities of SMI Eye Tracking Connected [ Via dedicated protocols, plug-ins and other options, SMI Eye Tracking can easily be combined with leading partner solutions in fields ranging from multimodal cognition research to virtual reality.

Prof. Thierry Baccino, Universite de Paris VIII, Lutin Userlab: "Being able to combine SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and BIOPAC physiological data measurements provides access to complete subject response data. In my research we recorded pupil diameter and electrodermal activity during a simulated driving task, and the study shows that pupil diameter signal has good discriminating power for stress detection."

Frazer Findlay, CEO, BIOPAC Systems, Inc.: "We are glad to extend the proven SMI/BIOPAC integration to interactive mobile scenarios. There are many daily research scenarios which can benefit from this integrative co-registration and easy joint analysis."

Arnd Rose, Product Manager, SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI): "Thanks to the great collaboration with the BIOPAC team, we could realize another valuable integration for our SMI Eye Tracking Glasses. The easy real-time data access of our system allows researchers to combine eye tracking with a broad range of data such as biosignals as well as motion tracking and automotive data for more complete insights in mobile scenarios."


BIOPAC ( systems inspire people and enable discovery by providing researchers the ability to measure physiology anywhere, anytime, on any subject through innovative, compatible hardware and software systems that can be used by anyone for meaningful discovery. BIOPAC makes high-quality scientific tools for physiology measurement and interpretation with superior compatibility, backed world-class customer service and support. 

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