SMC Formulation enhances bonding during curing processes.

Press Release Summary:

SolarGuard(TM) SMC formulation retains gloss and color after exposure to concentrated UV light. It meets NFPA No. 101 Class A flame spread index, UL 94 VO, and passes UL 94 5V for fire retardancy. SolarGuard non-haloginated system contains no bromine and no antimony, and is able to reduce effects of UV degradation such as surface roughening and fiber blooming. Second layer of protection is sacrificial additive that acts as UV absorber.

Original Press Release:

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures Introduces New SolarGuard(TM) Formulation For Maximum UV Resistance

BELDING, MI: Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures introduces SolarGuard(TM) a proprietary, patent-pending SMC formulation recently developed in Stahlin's advanced FormRight Labs. SolarGuard(TM) will now become the standard formulation for all Stahlin fiberglass enclosures.

In extensive comparison testing, SolarGuard(TM) outperformed other available SMC formulations by as much as 60% in its ability to retain gloss and color after exposure to concentrated UV light. SolarGuard(TM) maintained stability in thickness proving that its physical properties remain very much intact despite EMMAQUA testing that concentrates natural sunlight using 10 highly reflective mirrors to create an intensity level of approximately 8 suns! Moreover, SolarGuard(TM) meets a NFPA No. 101 Class A flame spread index.

Not only does SolarGuard(TM) meet UL 94 VO, but it also passes and is certified to UL 94 5V for exceptional fire retardancy.

SolarGuard(TM) is a non-haloginated system...meaning that it contains no bromine and no antimony, thereby reducing the risk of smoke-borne toxicity. SolarGuardTm requires less maintenance than paint, wax or gel-coat alternatives used to prolong the life of electrical enclosures in outdoor environments.

Because of its chemical composition and special additives,
SolarGuard(TM) is able to reduce the effects of UV degradation such as surface roughening and fiber blooming. This new proprietary SMC formulation technology significantly enhances the molecular bond strength and crosslinking that occur during the curing process. The result is an unsurpassed resistance to polymer degradation achieved by making it much more difficult for UV energy to attack molecular bonds of both primary chains and crosslinks.

SolarGuard(TM) provides a second layer of protection thereby giving a "double protection" through the use of a unique sacrificial additive that acts as a UV absorber. The material of all enclosures actually absorbs UV energy, then release it without damaging the polymer chain. No other available enclosure brings this level of UL 94 5V fire retardancy combined with significantly improved weathering, UV resistance, chemical resistance and safe, durable performance, all without adding cost to Stahlin's electrical enclosures.

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