Smartphone Security Software supports multiple platforms.

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BullGuard Mobile Security v10 protects smartphones by stopping viruses, spyware, and hackers from accessing phone, and also secures personal details even if phone is lost or stolen. Supporting Android, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry platforms, it also features parental control and firewall functionality. Anti-theft module lets users remotely delete data, lock device, or locate it using GPS, while spam filters screen both text messages and calls.

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BullGuard Launches BullGuard Mobile Security 10 - More Features for More Platforms

London - Today, BullGuard announces the release of BullGuard Mobile Security 10 - a security solution for smartphones which offers superior protection, more features and covers more platforms than any other product available today. BullGuard has been working with mobile security technologies since 2005, when the company was among the very first to launch a mobile security product.

Features: Antivirus, Antispyware, Antitheft, Parental Control, Firewall, Spamfilter, Basic Backup, Support.

Operating Systems: BullGuard runs on Android, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry phones, covering more than 80% of the smartphone market.

Price: £19.95

Special launch promotion: To celebrate the launch, BullGuard is giving away 5,000 special edition of "BullGuard Mobile Antivirus" - the Antivirus module incorporated in BullGuard Mobile Security. Why? To give mobile enthusiasts a taste of what the full security suite is capable of.

BullGuard Mobile Security protects smartphones by stopping viruses, spyware and hackers from accessing the phone, and keeps personal details safe even if the phone is lost or stolen.

Wireless communication is without doubt one of the biggest advances to modern technology in recent times. Being able to access data including personal media, files, services and websites on the move without being physically connected to a source has brought a massive amount of convenience to our lives, as well as putting a wide range of technologies in the palm of our hands.

"It's important to be aware of the potential dangers that may be involved, though," stated Morten Rinder Stengaard, Product Manager at BullGuard. "We've come a long way from the antiquated "brick" that simply offered the ability to make calls on the move, and modern mobiles now offer access to the internet, allow you to perform financial transactions, place product orders, access emails, download games and applications and stream media all from the comfort of a handheld, as well as communicate with other users within range using wireless protocols such as Bluetooth."

He continued: "All the risks that are a part of your life when you go online from your computer are just as real when you use your phone to check for Facebook updates and news, to receive e-mails and access your bank account. Viruses and other types of malware don't care what device you use. They just need your phone to be switched on - that way they can call paid services, send text messages, steal and exploit personal information such as credit card details, passwords and phone numbers. In short, a smartphone without proper protection puts you at risk."

Over the past year there has been an alarming increase in mobile-based viruses and malware. The rise in threats has led to an increasing demand for security software that is tailor-made for mobile devices. Mobile security is essentially a stripped down version of a security suite that might typically be found on a PC, but BullGuard Mobile Security also includes mobile-specific protection such as an antitheft module to allow users to remotely delete data, lock a device or locate it using GPS. Tailor-made backup tools can help to ensure that your contacts and other data is safely secured in another location for easy retrieval and spam filters screen text messages and calls.

BullGuard Mobile Security has more features and covers more platforms than any other product available.

The fact that BullGuard can be used on all major OSs means that users can easily transfer their security subscription to a new phone, regardless of which platform it runs on. As always with BullGuard products, the mobile solution is simple to use, logical and functional.

About BullGuard:

Launched in 2002, BullGuard is one of the fastest growing security brands. Its philosophy has always remained the same - to combine technical excellence with a genuine understanding of consumer needs, creating simple, easy to use products that deliver universal, complete protection as well as enabling customers to control and manage their digital footprint.

BullGuard has offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Benelux, Denmark, Sweden, Romania, Australia and the US.

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