Smartcode(TM) Corp. Approves ISO 18000-6 Standard for EPC Gen 2 Tags and Readers

New York, NY. July 14, 2006. SmartCode Corp., the world leading provider of low cost EPC RFID hardware solutions announced today the approval of ISO 18000-6 for its EPC Gen 2 Hardware products.

The EPC Gen 2 Standard which operates globally in the US, Europe and Asia in the UHF Frequency spectrum, has been adopted and approved by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as part of the ISO 18000 Part 6 - Radio frequency identification for item management standard.

"SmartCode Corp. is delighted to have the EPC Gen 2 Standard adopted and approved by ISO" said Avi Ofer, SmartCode(TM) Corp. CEO & President As the world's leading provider of low cost, high performance EPC RFID Hardware solutions, SmartCode actively supports the ISO 18000 standard as a global unified standard for UHF RFID. SmartCode's EPC Gen 2 solutions are now available under the ISO framework which translates to a wider adoption worldwide and an increased interoperability for our industry leading EPC RFID solutions."

The ISO 18000-6 Standard
ISO/IEC 18000-6 defines the air interface for radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices operating in the 860 MHz to 960 MHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band used in item management applications. Its purpose is to provide a common technical specification for RFID devices that may be used by ISO committees developing RFID application standards. ISO/IEC 18000-6 is intended to allow for compatibility and to encourage inter-operability of products for the growing RFID market in the international marketplace. ISO/IEC 18000-6 defines the forward and return link parameters for technical attributes including, but not limited to, operating frequency, operating channel accuracy, occupied channel bandwidth, maximum EIRP, spurious emissions, modulation, duty cycle, data coding, bit rate, bit rate accuracy, bit transmission order, and where appropriate operating channels, frequency hop rate, hop sequence, spreading sequence, and chip rate. It further defines the communications protocol used in the air interface.

SmartCode Corp. is a world leader in providing low cost, high performance RFID solutions. Until toady, the prices of RFID tags with an average price of 50 cents each, have created a cost barrier for companies worldwide to adopt the RFID solution as the replacement of the inefficient barcode technology. With SmartCode(TM) Corp.'s exclusive patented manufacturing technology, SmartCode(TM) Corp. can manufacture these RFID tags at a price level of 5-10 cents, in large volumes.


SmartCode(TM) Corp. is a world leading low cost, high performance EPC RFID manufacturer that has developed a revolutionary, patented, and cost effective RFID manufacturing technology. Our Patented technologies enable us to intelligently replace the current inefficient Barcode technology. Our patented technologies enables us to manufacture a very large number of RFID tags at a fraction of the cost of today's traditional RFID. SmartCode(TM) Corp. introduces a cost-effective approach to dramatically reducing our clients Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and increasing their Return On Investment (ROI).

SmartCode(TM) Corp. enables companies to receive 100% real time visibility of their products across their entire supply chain. SmartCode(TM) Corp. is headquartered in New York, NY with offices in London, Silicon Valley, London, Hong Kong and a R&D Center in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

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