SMART VENT® Partners with NASA Space Suit Designers at ILC DOVER to Launch Line of Dry Floodproofing Products

Technology Will Save Billions of Dollars in Annual Property Damage Due to Flooding

PITMAN, N.J. and FREDERICA, Del. - SMART VENT PRODUCTS, INC. and ILC DOVER LP have officially partnered to bring to market a new line of Dry Floodproofing products. Flex-Wall™ is a low cost approach that utilizes a high strength flexible wall, which can be deployed rapidly for flood protection of buildings and equipment. It is constructed from high tensile strength Kevlar® with stainless steel hardware and can hold back up to 14-feet of rushing floodwater. The Flex-Wall™ can be configured to surround buildings or to cover doorways, storefront windows, and garage entrances. All flood protection components are stored at the point-of-use for maximum efficiency that is rapidly deployed and retracted before and after a flood event eliminating costly down time at the facility.

According to the National Weather Service, between 2010 and 2014 flooding in the United States resulted in property damages and productivity loss of more than 24 billion dollars. The 2015-2016 El Niño has brought major flooding to California, Texas and many other states and with hurricane season just around the corner it's fairly certain that states on the eastern seaboard and Gulf of Mexico are likely to incur water damage to property.   

"For more than 15 years, Smart Vent has been protecting buildings with its state-of-the-art Wet Floodproofing solutions, said Brad Walters, Vice President at ILC Dover. "This vast experience as well as its industry-leading Certified Floodplain Managers make Smart Vent the perfect partner for ILC Dover's Flex-Wall™ Dry Floodproofing technology."

Non-residential buildings located within high-risk FEMA-mapped flood zones are required to floodproof their buildings, which usually means using bulky pieces of aluminum logs or panels that must be carefully fit together in exact order to create a wall. In most cases, these need to be stored off-site due to their size, which is complicated and dangerous especially when a storm event is nearing.

"This partnership allows Smart Vent Products to be the one stop shop for all Floodprooding needs, whether a building designer is looking to incorporate Wet or Dry Floodproofing, or a combination of both. The innovative technology behind the Flex-Wall™ provides the security, performance, and ease-of-use that building owners are looking for when engineering to protect their asset," says Tom Little, Vice President of Smart Vent Products, Inc.

Flex-Wall™ systems are currently being installed in New York City to protect a major electrical utility in the city. ILC Dover's Flex-Wall™ is part of a family of flood mitigation products that protect subway entrances (Flex-Gate™), tunnel entrances (Portal Flex-Gate™) and vent openings (Flex-Cover™).


Founded in 1997, Smart Vent Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of foundation flood venting systems and has an ICC-ES Certified product line with dual-function and insulated engineered models for residential and commercial applications. Smart Vent is providing over 80 million sq. ft. of certified flood protection around the world today. A new division called the Flood Risk Evaluator ( was recently born to evaluate and provide detailed reporting to property owners on what can be done to reduce rising NFIP flood insurance premiums. For more information about SMART VENT PRODUCTS, INC., call 1-877-441-8368 or visit


ILC Dover is a world leader in the innovative design and production of engineered products employing high-performance flexible materials. Since 1947, ILC has provided engineered solutions to complex customer problems. Known for the production of space suits for NASA, we leverage our vast materials, engineering, process, and design experience to create high performance systems for a wide range of industries. For more information about ILC DOVER LP, call 1-800-631-9567 or visit

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