Smart POS Terminal increases merchant capabilities.

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Able to function as standalone and wireless unit, EAL 8908 gives merchants advanced payment terminal capabilities. All-in-one solution employs 32-bit microprocessor that accelerates task management, consequentially hastening processing debit, credit, gift, and chip pin cards. Along with 4 separate SIM card slots, terminal features thermal printer and ATM-style interface with backlit display and bold menu prompts. Terminal can customized with different connectivity options.

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New Smart POS Terminal from Electrone Costs Less and Does More for Merchants

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Electrone is proud to introduce its new, low-cost, Smart POS Terminal, the EAL 8908, which boasts time-proven POS terminal technology modernized to give merchants advanced payment terminal capabilities. High-performing and practical, this Smart POS terminal is an ideal choice for the modern, cost-efficient merchant.

The EAL 8908 POS Terminal by Electrone is designed to be the perfect all-in-one payment terminal solution. This Smart POS Terminal features a 32-bit, high-speed microprocessor that allows it to manage tasks quickly, which offers merchants the benefit of efficiently and effectively processing debit, credit, gift, and chip pin cards.

In addition to being fast, Electrone's new Smart POS Terminal has a modern, sleek design and small footprint, so it requires very small space. Furthermore, due to its 4 separate SIM card slots and clever engineering, the all-in-one POS terminal can function as a standalone wireless unit.

With standard features including an ATM-style interface; large, back-lit display; bold menu prompts; easy-press keys; and a quiet, thermal printer, Electrone's Smart POS Terminal is also incredibly easy for clerks and customers to use, which minimizes transaction mistakes on both sides of the sales counter.

Despite the excellent features of the affordable, all-in-one standard model of the unit (which includes the chip pin card reader and printer), the EAL 8908 Smart POS Terminal can customized to feature a variety of different connectivity options and comes in two different models. Merchants can thus buy a payment terminal that meets their particular needs.

On the whole, Electrone's all-in-one POS terminal is designed with the modern merchant in mind. As a non-proprietary POS terminal, the EAL 8908 is not limited to a rigid, finite set of hardware, software, and firmware options like its proprietary counterparts. The EAL 8908 Smart POS Terminal can thus be utilized by merchants to cost-effectively develop turn-key POS solutions for their particular business.

As an added bonus to the merchant-friendliness of Electrone's new Smart POS Terminal, it costs almost half as much as comparable all-in-one payment terminals currently on the market; so today's merchant is sure to appreciate not only the functionality, but the price of the POS terminal. To discuss pricing and customization options for the EAL 8908, please contact POS Terminal Specialist Gonzalo Perez via e-mail at or phone at 561-395-3398 (M-F; 9AM-5:30PM, except holidays).

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