SMART-O Distribution Awarded to Tabernacle Auto in Singapore

SMART-O plug and SMART-O wiper blade refills are now being distributed in South East Asia by Tabernacle Auto Singapore.

The Singaporean-based specialist auto distributor and service group will spearhead an aggressive growth strategy for SMART-O products across the region of South East Asia spanning Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

- SMART-O® oil drain plugs

SMART-O® oil drain plug is the most advanced drain (sump) plug system in the market. The plug is internationally patented technology originating from USA, engineered to provide an exceptionally powerful sealing capability and vibration resistance to prevent problems related to sudden catastrophic engine oil loss, oil pans and engine damage and prevention of environmental pollution through engine oil.

- SMART-O wiper blade refills

The Swiss-engineered wiper blade refills, outperform even leading OEM wiper brands in terms of quality.

Made of special graphite-blended material technology, SMART-O™ wiper blade refills offer enhanced product life, extreme temperature resistance (-65° to +123°) durability and smoother running on windscreens, a better user experience and ultimately reduced waste – reduced environmental impact.

The range spans only 6 types which can be cut to fit any wiper blade frame system, including metal frame wipers or flat blade wiper blades for cars, vans, buses, trucks as well as heavy equipment, trains and other forms of transportation. The refills are manufactured in Europe and imported to Asia to offer the highest quality for the market for professional users.

Tabernacle (Auto) Services Pte Ltd was established in 1986 as a solution provider to automotive franchise workshop networks across South East Asia. The group provides R&D services for automotive repair, special application engineering, training, service marketing and supply of innovative high-quality products.

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