Smart Grid Data Management Software is cloud computing based.

Press Release Summary:

When combined with P1DI Smart Meter technology, GENII(TM) Meter Data Management Software gives electric utilities meter-agnostic, cloud computing-based, meter to mouse application with capabilities for prepaid and postpaid billing as well as instantaneous data acquisition. Additional capabilities covers plug-and-play, top-down and bottom-up network building, bidirectional communication, and remote connect/disconnect. Dynamic pricing programs help improve revenue generation.

Original Press Release:

PowerOneData International Now Offers a Cloud Computing Based Smart Grid Solution

MESA, Ariz. -- PowerOneData International, a Company providing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Advanced Database Management Software to Utilities and Municipalities around the world, reducing energy consumption and its negative impact on the environment and public health (P1DI), announces the April 1, 2012 roll-out of GENII(TM), its next generation Meter Data Management Software. When combined with P1DI's Smart Meter technology, GENII(TM) a highly innovative, cloud computing based, meter to mouse application, gives electric utilities the most comprehensive package of functionality ever offered in an AMI solution. GENII(TM) is agnostic in nature, interfacing with any meter in use today.

About GENII(TM)Software
Features Offered by GENII(TM) include;
Prepaid and Postpaid Billing (software driven).
Instantaneous Data Acquisition.
Plug-&-play Top-down and Bottom-up Network Building Capabilities.
Bi-directional Communication.
Remote Connect/ Disconnect.
Improved revenue generation through Dynamic Pricing programs such as Critical Peak Pricing, Time-of-Use, Peak Time Rebate and other tariff rate programs.

Done-Low IT, implementation and maintenance costs, delivering a high degree of interoperability between legacy and new applications, with the back bone of the system being Service-orientated Architecture (SOA). They all share a common enterprise bus for communication with the back-end database.

About PowerOneData International Inc.

PowerOneData International, Inc. ( ) specializes in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). PowerOneData International's AMI solutions are poised to revolutionize energy management on worldwide basis through best of breed hardware, firmware, and its Genii(TM) software; a cloud based agnostic Meter Data Management software that is the linchpin to the future of complete utility management on a single platform.

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