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Smart Card Test System is qualified by GlobalPlatform.

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Dec 18, 2012 - Capable of real-time testing, Spectro TP Smart Card Conformance Test Platform fully supports GlobalPlatform's functional requirement in terms of ETSI SWP/HCI test case execution. One-box solution covers both contact-based and contactless communication. Analog test capabilities allow advanced signal configuration and enable accurate measurement of voltage, current, and capacity. With Test Case API, user can set up individual test scenarios by programming hardware directly.

COMPRION GmbH - Paderborn, DEU

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COMPRION Launches New Platform for Card Con-formance Testing

Press release date: Dec 01, 2012

Paderborn, Germany – The new test system ‘Spectro TP’ – which has been quali-fied by GlobalPlatform – advances interoperability in the Smart Card market. The all-interface Smart Card Conform-ance Test Platform will support operators as well as card and chip manufacturers in successfully marketing secure Smart Card solutions and services.

Conformance testing for mobile terminals as a way of avoiding in-teroperability problems between terminals and cards in the field has been known for a long time. GlobalPlatform now seeks the same for the Smart Card market and has established a compliance program. The new card conformance tester Spectro TP has demonstrated its ability of fully supporting GlobalPlatform's functional requirement in terms of ETSI SWP/HCI test case execution during the last Glob-alPlatform ‘TestFest’ at the end of November. Spectro TP has achieved the GP qualification after its test cases had run successful-ly against a variety of cards.

Spectro TP is a one-box solution which covers both – contact-based (ISO 7816, SWP/HCI, IC-USB) and contactless (ISO 14443/NFC) communication. The system can be used for executing the regular ETSI, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and GlobalPlatform tests but is also prepared for contactless and dual-interface card testing.

Another exceptional functionality of Spectro TP is the ability to exe-cute test cases in real-time. This is a feature which is demanded by the market for e.g. running extended protocol tests.

Moreover, network operators, card and chip manufacturers have the need to implement their own test benches and test plans. This re-quest is met by offering a so-called ‘Test Case API’ allowing the user to set up individual test scenarios by programming the hardware directly.

The quality and conformance of the electrical characteristics of the chips have a vital impact on Smart Card reliability. Spectro TP’s ad-vanced analogue test capabilities allow advanced signal configura-tion (e.g. for electrical parameters such as rise and fall times) and enable accurate measurement of voltage, current and capacity. To prove and to keep Spectro TP’s high-precision measurement charac-teristics, the tool comes with a certified calibration sheet and can be re-calibrated on a regular basis.

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